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  1. I believe one of the directory programs is Argali. I believe it grabs info from multiple directories. I am having trouble locating that directory builder, but I know it is out there. I just know! Help me out here guys.... http://www.argali.com/ Hope that helps. Hawvawd_Law
  2. Nice to meet you Anubis_End. I am relatively new myself, but have always been interested in the PSTN. As for the Whistler, his name is legally JoyBubbles, and his original name was Joe Engressia. As for the "exploration" of the phones system, you really have to look at it as simply that; exploration. Sure, it would be easier to look up some text files, but half, if not all of the fun is learning yourself. I too wanted text files and the like, but there are two big problems. Most of these files are really old, as you have probably seen. Secondly, by reading files, and then going out and doing exactly what they say, while somewhat fun at first, really doesn't help the understanding process. I always learn more about the proplem or question by attacking it by myself, and learning all I can about everything that goes into it. After all, exploration isn't really exploration if you have an instruction manual. But enough about me lecturing about stuff you probably are already very well aware of. Joining this forum is a good step in the right direction, as it is constantly changing with new ideas and problems. Plus there are a lot of well versed people here that can help out. People much more knowledgeble than myself. As for things you can read, go out to a local techstore with a book section, or a bookstore, or a library, and grab some books about the telecom industy. I found Newton's Telecom Dictionary at Microcenter for $5, and it was a really recent edition. It is a great book to have if you ever run into any acronyms you don't understand. (Which I assume will happen often. I does everyday for me.) I got another book, I believe called Telecommunications Essentials, or something like that for a good price too. That's a good way to get to understand the way everything works, and sets a good foundation for knowledge on the network and technology. As for scanning, I personally think handscanning is more fun, but like PhreakerD7 said, ToneLoc is a good wardialer. For a while, and still, wardialing was having good results with VoIP, but be careful, as many VoIP providers now have a section about wardialing in their contracts. Also, you can search this forum (I think it was on this forum, if not, its out there somewhere) for programming to collect the numbers from the online phone directories and put them in alphabetical order, which will show you gaps that you can scan. Another idea would be trying to get a hold of somebody on the forums that is in your area, as they may want to do a scanning project jointly, which can be fun. For information, or just ideas and entertainment, check out the BinRev radio show, OfftheHook show, as well as the other sites that contain quite a bit of information like the PLA, DigitalInformationSociety, OldSchoolPhreak, etc. Sorry for the long winded reply. It is Saturday night and have nothing better to do. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go sit in the shower and cry until the water gets cold... Hawvawd_Law
  3. Thanks for the ideas. I am not too worried about the complexity of Asterisk, I am just puzzled there isn't software out there that isn't for a whole office of phones/computers. You know, one phone, one computer; an andvanced answering machine, so to speak. Through searching, I have located a few programs that are no longer out there, because they are so old. I guess I will keep searching, and if all else fails, get Asterisk and set up my old computer as a Debian box. Hawvawd_Law
  4. Wow, well done RightCoast. As for the original poster: Yes, I understand the frustration with dealing with people who know just enough to put a tack in your ass, but you are getting a little too heated. BinRev is a very well known site/group/forums/whatnot, so sure, the person that did this, probably visits from time to time, but to just start claiming legal action makes others mad, which will solve nothing. Like they said, update the software, which will really help, and should be done anyways, and if nothing more happens, then take it as a good learning experience. If this "Evolution" is persistant, contact the ISP as well as any admins that can get involved. Legal action would be virtually impossible, but if it is, clearly not worth the monetary effort you would have to sink into this case. I mean, let us assume this person is under the age of 18. Then what? You have to sue his/her parents in a civil court, and then, you really are only directly punishing the parents. You must also consider the damage done. I hardly doubt it was above $5000 ($7500 some areas,) so that means small claims. Which in turn means, you better hope this person was in your state, or it becomes more difficult and costly (travel.) By all means, try and work to get some punishment dealt to this person. Hopefully they will learn, someway, sometime, that this behavoir doesn't prove anything, and is rather childish. Also, please, if you have an IP address, or any other things to identify the culprit, do not post them on this board. Rather, contact any ISPs, and the Admins/moderators of this board via PM. When you put that stuff on a public board, you are only furthering problems, and possibly hurting yourself. I know it is hard to be responsible and not to be really pissed off, but that is the only way something can be done. Good luck, and hopefully things will work out. Hawvawd_Law
  5. Thanks guys for the info. I had already looked into Asterisk, and that may be my best bet. I just put a more detailed post of what I want under the Phreaker part of the Forums, and my biggest concern with Asterisk is the bulk, if you will. Like I said, I really don't want/need a whole PBX, as there is going to be one phone, one computer. Just a "fancy" answering machine. That being said, Asterisk is open source, so if I am willing to put in the time, I can get it down to what I want it to be. Let me know if you have any other ideas, and/or you can check out the more detailed post I wrote to get a better idea of what I want: http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30684 Thanks, Hawvawd_Law
  6. Hey again, I was reluctant to post on this board, as I felt it wasn't Exactly in the parameters of the board, but perhaps it is. We shall see if I get a reply at all. I originally posted something on the Newbie board, but to no avail. Perhaps this may work better. I just set up a land line again, and want to setup a simple IVR system. Basically what I want to happen is this: -Person dials my line. -They are greeted by a message (wav file-probably) -Given the option to connect directly (Press *) which will ring my phone, which is connected to the computer(If I need to set up a server) a) If I don't answer the phone after 7 rings, it goes to a voicemailbox on the computer. - At the main menu, you can also press 2 (or whatever) to get more menus, like "Check out this Album," "Euler Explained", or really whatever I want. Now here is what software I would need: A DTMF decoder (to understand the menu choices,) a recorder (For the mail), and possibly a Fax On Demand server, which I would eventually like to set up (Gives a menu of faxes you could recieve from the computer.) Anyways, I was thinking about programming this myself, and it may or may not be that difficult (I am rusty on my programming.) I have been having trouble locating software that would serve these needs, without going crazy like setting up an actual PBX. I am only going to have one computer, and one phone, so I don't need all the switching and call forwarding like I were at an office. I have found some stuff that looks promising, but costs too much, and doesn't make sense because this is just for fun personal use. I was looking at Asterisk, but that may be a lot of work, and seems to have too much stuff. Like I said, I just want an extended answering machine, not a PBX. I also think that if there is a cheap standalone answering machine system that can accomplish this, I could easily drop the idea of FaxOD, because I don't know if I want to run a whole other box sucking up what little power I can get out of the outlet (Old house.) I do like the idea of having a computer setup though, because I can update often and easily, as well as edit audio and record. Sorry for the long winded message, I am just kind of obsessed with this right now, and am having difficulty finding what will suit my meager needs, without going overboard. Thank you, Hawvawd_Law
  7. I can only imagine the unadulterated harassment that would ensue. But certainly an interesting idea.
  8. Hello All, I confine myself to the phreaking forums, but I felt this question would be best left for a general audience. I wanted to set up a server on an old Win95 machine, which I may choose to switch to a Linux box, if it is needed. Basically, I want to set up a phone answering system that can do a few things: 1. Answer with a greeting and menu. 2. Have various options that would lead to a) my phone a voicemail c) various other topics (Math Equation of the Week, Sound Clip quiz, Can You Identify the PSTN Switch by this audio?, etc.) 3. POSSIBLY- have a data connect option, or an automatic data connect in which faxes or other items can be received. I could program for this, but I am so rusty on my programming, and busy with school at the moment that I wouldn't want to deal with the frustration quite yet, although it sounds like such a fun project. Most options I have found (which, by the way, it is a nightmare sifting through Google using terms like :phone, telephone, answering, attendant, server, pbx, personal, voicemail, software, etc) are either VERY bulky, VERY expensive, or cheap and do nothing. I don't need much, but it seems that either they want to give me a giant software PBX, or a "Hello World" program with a picture of a keypad somebody made in a Junior High VB class. (My intimidation of programming this makes me think I should go back to VB class :\ ) Any ideas/suggestions? Is there an easier hardware solution? I'm not thrilled about running a seperate box that may not get used much (energy cost) because I don't want to run off my main computer (security.) Also, I am thinking about setting up an old school dialup BBS, but I need some pointers before that even comes close on my radar of projects, so that certainly is a side question to anyone who is crazy bored. Thank you so much for your time, Hawvawd_Law
  9. Great... Well, at least I can still explore. And there are some active payphones close to my house, so it is not a total loss. Plus, I am planning on a project, but I have to work on the technical details first, so I don't get flamed back to the stone age Hawvawd_Law
  10. Ya, this of course was my fear. I will just have to test it out tomorrow when it gets hooked up to find out if it still is a 1AESS switch. There are 8 exchanges running out of that CO, so I am worried that they may have upgraded, however, it is in "not-so-great" part of town, which I can hope means they didn't upgrade. I just wish I knew how new the information was, because if it wasn't upgraded after the telco decided we wouldn't need a new NPA, then there is a possibility that it is still the old switch. But they may have upgraded it before then, getting ready for the growing demand of phones. I just hope the information was updated after the land-line need started to die down. Hawvawd_Law
  11. Hey All, Haven't been active for a while, been busy with school and all, but I started itching, and had to set up local service to explore the area. It gets hooked up tomorrow, but I did a check on Telcodata, and found out I'm going to be on a 1AESS switch, needless to say, I am pretty happy. Hopefully I can get some recordings up soon, and if there is anything any of you would like me to check out, let me know. I'm going to hop on my bike now and run by the CO to see the building. Cheers, Hawvawd_Law
  12. Ya, it does seem like an owner operated COCOT. Based on your description, I found something that sounds like what you saw. I think that company makes COCOTs for business operators. That may explain why you had to dial 0 twice? Perhaps the phone is hooked up to the system of the store? I would try and dial an extension from the phone to see if you get a phone somewhere in the store. Try 2100. The modem call back is interesting. I wonder what you guys think of that. Fax line? I wouldn't think so, but I could be wrong. That Owner Operated COCOT: http://www.quortech.com/images/pic-prod-olympian.gif hawvawd_law
  13. Wow, that is interesting. Did you try to make any toll calls? Let me know what you find out, that seems pretty strange. Do you remember what it looked like? hawvawd_law
  14. I was just browsing my state's PUC site and found some interesting info there. You can find maps of exchanges, and various other information. Do any of you more experienced telco enthusiasts use this site for information? If so, I encourage any novices to check out their state's PUC for some general information about telco services and various maps that may be of interest. I at least found this to be the case for PUCO. Thank you.
  15. Just after some quick searching, I found that to get a new manual, you are going to have to pay a little bit of money. So yes, ebay and social engineering seem the best bets. I also found a site that has the manual. It says $10 for unlimited access, so it might not be a bad bet. www.tech-man.com/ But then again, it could be set up for the school, so social engineering, or getting in the school when nobody is there and scanning might just be the only thing you can do. If your school is anything like my school was, the person who used the PA in the morning was just behind the welcome desk in the office. Visit that place and see if you can get any idea of the number. Number of digits, first 2 , last 2, whatever. This could cut your search time down quite a bit, especially if you piece together the info from multiple visits. hawvawd_law PS- Just had an idea. Again, this is only if you can see the PA phone at work. Go to the place where they make announcements. Generally in between periods is the only time they do this, so as not to disturb class. Bring in a book or something for your friend. Have them page your friend over the intercom, and try and get the numbers. Or you can say a silver honda civic has its lights on. That'll work too. Good luck, try not to get into too much trouble.