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  1. meterpreter's reverse_http and reverse_https payloads are the only Windows native payloads that obey the victim's proxy settings, and java payloads obey the victim's Java network settings. However I think what you were looking for was actually setting it on the attacker side and that's not something that is currently supported in any of the payloads to the best of my knowledge :-(
  2. How did the meeting go, and when is the next one?
  3. Lets get one thing straight, I didn't loose my appetite, I've eaten things that are much more gross. It was just quick thinking to get a free meal. But thanks for the props.
  4. Ok so here is the latest information: I registered I set up google apps so now the core members can have a through gmail, I can also link subdomains to your sites. I posted a simple image to Google Apps includes - email, a calendar, docs, chat
  5. What we initially set up was that we would pick a time, and we would all meet at the main hall / entrance and then find a seated location afterwards.. that was mainly what the phone number was for.. logistics.
  6. The below information is still valid. I can give access to those who need it
  7. It's definitely worth the read. I think TCLH did a good job of picking up Phrack. It will never be what it once was but I think they did one hell of a job.
  8. I vote Union Station
  9. Before this thread even got started a guy at work talked about how he used google, tag, and rss searches to find out about possible employees. So it is already being done. "How well do you google" might be a future spot on resumes.
  11. May I suggest Hiren's Boot CD
  12. This would fall under the Social Engineering category, same with almost everything I would suggest. Some things you could get familiar with though Create a profile: Network Ranges Domains Ports / Protocols (Could help you find out what they run) Web site crawling Google cache crawling DNS Googling laptop battery dieing.. I'll edit later
  13. Union Station is rather large. I have set up a gmail account and a phone number that people can call once they are there to get the location of the meeting. 202-658-7730 and of course if you have Google Talk you can IM questions You can also call this number or email that box for information regarding the meetings
  14. The key to getting people is getting the word out.
  15. I live in NOVA and the District's 2600 meetings no longer exist, so I would be open to suggestions.