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  1. DAMMMMMM!!! That sucks... Well how about using a usb network card that will work with my laptop?
  2. For me I would like to learn security... Mostly right now i'm into wifi or network security... I would like to see if I could get into a windows box from my linux laptop. I know that some day I will get their...
  3. Like the new layout plus all the new stuff.
  4. I think this is a great idea on setting up a network at home. I also think that putting together a class for other N00bs would be great.I know that I consider myself a N00b still. I haven't learn to much yet on how to find holes in the system. One point you brought up was the free computers... Just last week I received 2 free computers... One was XP home and the other one was Pro... I also have 3 other computers that are just sitting their for now... In case I need the parts. I"m working on putting together a newtwork at home, but need the routers and stuff like that. I'm about to buy a rack from work that is sitting their for hopefully 20 bucks... Hopefully once I have everything up and running I will take a picture of it to show you guys... one thing that also caught my eye that you said about learning Nmap and sniffers. Those are the 2 things I need to learn the most... A sniffer I kind of know what it is but don't know how it works. Hopefully if their are classes in the irc I will be one of the first to sign up. This thread is a good one. Everyone have a good weekend. --Malachai--
  5. You could also play then in your browser. That's how I do it with all my flash videos.
  6. For me I started to use it under FC5 I like it so far but I'm a little bit lost on what I'm looking for..
  7. Sorry for the mistake, but you are the shit.... I like the radio show... i started to download all the show to hear them... I give it :voteyes: :voteyes: :voteyes: :voteyes: :voteyes: :voteyes: :voteyes: Keep up the good work --Malachai--