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  1. First off are you behind a router? Other thing also too is there any kind of p2p software loaded on her computer? Have you tried to run an update on the virus software plus what virus software are you using? One more how do you know that her machine is being attacked? Do you have some kind of firewall?
  2. See if this helps you out.
  3. I know how you feel. I also wanted to get my MCSE or something towards that. My current employeer wanted me to get this cert. I also would be interested in this. I guess more corp need some kine of paper work or cert to back up your skills or even get more money. I knew I should of stuck with it a couple yrs back.
  4. yes i can do that Hey Bro, Do you think you might be able to post both cd's up ? Sorry to bother you but wanted to check out the information. Thanks.
  5. Well other thing you could do is look at your firewall logs... If you're behind a router you should also receive logs. Good example is going to the website under Shields up.... This link will run a simple port scan on your computer to see if port 139 is open on your machine. When that is done, then scroll down a little bit. You will see "Common Ports". If you click on that it will check all your ports on your machine. Once that is running look at your firewall and notice all the ports that it's scanning. That's one way you know that someone is scanning your ip address... Plus it also shows you how to block these types of scans. Hopefully this helps you out. -Malachai-
  6. I think this one was a great show... talking about hacker ethic, and other stuff. Good job on it, plus also the news update on the forum. Other thing I love was the whole usb tools to have for hacking and just to have. Keep up the good work on the board... by the way is there a hacker ethic list out their? Other thing if anyone knows what kind of security does StanDawg know or cert does he have. I hear him say that he found explotis on site and other things... Just wondering were he learned all his skills... --Malachai--
  7. When you took the CEH course didn't you get some pdf files and some software cd? Yeah... they are around here somewhere... *shrug* Thanks I will have to look around here... by the way love the show...
  8. Well some of the sites you mention on here are nice... Would you mine posting some good links and document related site if you don't mind. I'm trying to learn as much as I can now since my company wants me to get cert .... Thanks
  9. When you took the CEH course didn't you get some pdf files and some software cd?
  10. yes i can do that Hey Bro, when do you think we could see the image or something... Other thing were did you find your sig pictures?
  11. Hopefully you could burn some kind of image or something... Let me know if that's ok with you.
  12. I know what you're trying to do and it's funny. if the member is not password protected you could see all of there pictures and folders... there is a simple way of doing it but I rather not say sorry...
  13. OMG ... I haven't seen that for a long time. I remember when I first started I read part of this... I like the part To follow the path: look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master, become the master. I think the best thing to do is find yourself a good Linux Dist then play with it and see what you could do with it.
  14. I know what you mean about the price. When I first seen the mag in the book store I sat down to read it. I was shocked on some of things on it and decided to sign up until I seen how much it cost... it's a little to much for me. If I really wanted I might be able to find then on a site or something... I rather have a hard copy...
  15. What kind of registry changes are you making?
  16. First off what kind of OS do you have? What browser are you using and what kind of connection do you have?
  17. I think you should us ubuntu , or fedora those are some good linux dist... I know that ubuntu is easy for first times. It tries to load all the correct drivers for your machine.
  18. yes i can do that Are you going to put then on line so we could download then... Other thing were did you get your sig from?
  19. That is a good link to have but I think tihs would be much better... Before Posting
  20. This is a sweet link. I just listened to the podcast they are going to offer soon. This might help a couple N00bs on here.
  21. Thanks for sharing the links... I never thought of looking at the . Will have to check it out... Just started to use aircrack and airodump on my fedora laptop...
  22. Laptop I have a dual boot Vista/Fedora 7 Desktop XPsp2 Server machine I have "Server03"
  23. Here is a good link to have. It has all different kind of programing... Hopefully it helps you out.
  24. It's true about the mailing list. I sign up that same night it came out. It was good for the first month then it dead out. I don't people failed it's just that most of the users have family or work a lot that they don't have time. Trust me I stay up every night trying to catch up to things on here. One day this project will take off. I guess for now it's dead... Other thing StankDawg like the last show you did. Share the Kool-Aid secret...
  25. This topic comes up a lot through out the forum. I know there are a couple of people working on stuff. But it's kind of hard to start it since most users have family or work a lot. Here's something you might like to read... Also most members are sign up to this mail list ... To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit It's part of that post... Hopefully that helps you out.