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  1. you can buy one for two : 1. PCMCIA that you use with your laptop and PC by PCMCIA adapter on PCI. 2. USB which are very handy if possible try to get a card with antenna connector TP-LINK is a brand of good affordable both pcmcia and usb but the badass card is "AWUS036S alfa usb card" 500mW which makes it wardriver one of best choices I couldn't find the card you're talking about AWUS036S alfa usb card" 500mW ... For me I need to us a usb since I have the new dell laptops with this stupid express bus slot... I need one that will work under Vista and Fedora 7... Can't find a good one on ebay...
  2. You know what I had this problem too but for some reason it went away... When this would happen I would open a command line and type ipconfig ipconfig /renew all. The first one I would see if it drop the ip address. Then I would try to renew the ip... I think it might be a bug with the network client or something... So far it's been working okay with me try to update your drivers and see if that works. Also I'm using the ipv6 rather then the ipv4 Hopefully that helps you or something. --Malachai--
  3. try Wifi Hopper I think I might do that... I notice it's not free thow...
  4. I think I need to sign up for it rather then buying it at the book store.. hahaha
  5. Well haven't got that far yet... Tonight at dinner time I will finish reading it.
  6. Just got mine last night also too when I was walking around the mall... They have some good articles... Like the target one I should see if I could do that outside... Haven't finished reading it yet... by the way you said something about your site... Do you write security or any other type of articles? Can we have the url for it? I got your url... thanks
  7. Well I have the Intel ®/Wireless 3945ABG card... That's what I run on both my Vista and Fedora. I might need help understanding or making my card work the correct way. I was about to reformat my laptop again and try Ubuntu or something. I'm still thinking about it. i have a laptop with this same card and another with intell 2200b/g and they both work just fine. i also use net resident, essntial net tools and promi switch in addition to netstumbler. EDIT: sorry i meant 4965 a/b/g card. Is netstumbler working for you under Vista? I know that they been having trouble with that... I tried it but didn't seem to work or the network adapter was not found...
  8. Heading out to the book store later on today ... Might just pick it up to read or something.
  9. Well I have the Intel ®/Wireless 3945ABG card... That's what I run on both my Vista and Fedora. I might need help understanding or making my card work the correct way. I was about to reformat my laptop again and try Ubuntu or something. I'm still thinking about it.
  10. Well I love DSL rather then cable. Around my area you have a tone of people on cable since they don't offer dsl around here.. Some times the connection sucks or the router resets it's self like nothing. I guess I could say I have good days and bad days. With DSL I always had a good day, and the speed was much fater for me.
  11. Well one thing I forgot to tell you guys is that my dell laptop does not have a PCMCIA slot... I have what is called an "Express slot" sucks wish I had the PCMCIA slot. that's the whole reason why I need a usb one that will work .
  12. Thank you for the feedback. Right now I'm using Fedora 7 the most current one. I had a feeling it was my drivers that I was having trouble with. I will check out the link you gave me. If that does not work do you guys think a usb wifi card would be better to have? -
  13. I been having trouble trying to install Kismet on my Fedora laptop since I have the ipw3945 card... Has anyone had to install it on the 3945 card intel?
  14. Let me get this straight... At your office you have a MS server running. Your laptop is running also a server right? You lost me when you mention that both computers are using windows xp... Which one is it?
  15. thanks bro I will check it out right now... see how it works
  16. Mcafee i kind of like but dammm it takes to much resources from the machine... I would like something light for my vista laptop and that's free also.
  17. Well it's true what you're saying but if someone wants to get into security or networking then this would be a good cert... Good example is myself, I'm working on getting into security, or sysadmin, networking... To me I would think this would be a good cert... What do you guys think?
  18. Have you figured it out yet?
  19. i took a screen shot otherday and got rid of writing on it cos my brother thought it was COOL LOL,idiot Nice background... I seen that before from a website... Have you been watching porn.... lol ... Other thing after you run a scan download rootkit checker... see if anything has been installed or is running...
  20. Other thing once you get your AntiVirus software go to this site to test it out... you should get an alert once you try to download this file. It's not a real virus but has a signature like it. Trust me I tried it myself... everything looks good.
  21. Cisco certs have to be renewed but Microsoft certs don't (nothing is going to change once you have the MCSE for 2003). If you want to stay current though you will need to update MCSE 2003 to MCSE 2008, just as the NT/2K certs upgraded to 2003. Well that's true... I just want to get the cert for a stepping stone. After that I'm thinking about going into security. then move on to CISSP... thats my goal plus also be a nice white hate down the road... I should get that when i'm about 97 yrs old... hahahah
  22. Well see that's what I need also the MCSE... I'm also looking to get mine soon hopefully.
  23. IDS's look for patterns.... Nmap has lots of options to slow down a scan and switch up the pattern... A lot can be done to fool it. But really if your not a paid pentester and your worried about IDS during scans you should probably be aware of potential legal issues that arise. I would be weary of any tool claiming it can fool an IDS... Powerful meatware is key when worrying about this sort of thing... As far as the original question... google those services, try to enumerate the version, learn about the software hosting that service and its history... You should only be doing this on networks you have permission to mess around on. I would advise against poking around any production boxs on the internet unless you have a very good relationship with the admin... Even then, be careful. Read up on the protocol... check the rfc learn how it works... Check out damn vulnerable linux and play in your own sandbox... Then work your way up to other live cd's at home. Check your local laws because even using some security tools at home is illegal in some places. See he has a good point play with your own box first. Right now I'm building a server 03 and a windows 2000 machine... Need to check out a new tutorial I found from one of the Defcon speakers a few months back. Have fun but be very careful when you're on the net trying these things.
  24. What's up with your links... Both of them are not working at all.
  25. I read some of the post on here... I think what you need to do is scan a computer on your own network. You need to be very careful on what kind of computer you scanning. Good Admins will watch there log and see what kind of scan you are doing. If you're going to scan then again do a slow scan . there is a way of doing that in nmap. Just remember you are doing something that you should do on your own network first before going out in the real world trying.