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  1. What is "The haking magazine"? There are several hacking magazines. If you are referring to "hakin9", the German/European magazine, then I would say that we don't allow warez to be posted here. Most printed magazines are copyrighted and sharing them would be copyright infringement. Other online hacking zines are distributed free. With that now being said, please clarify your question. Thanks StankDawg I had a feeling it would be copyright.... Sorry for asking a dumb question... My bad. Ps. You have the right magzine hakin9
  2. as in recording? which do you use? Ive only ever really used was audacity. If you can think of it, I try using it...I'm planning on setting up a weekly underground music podcast/radio show....I'm learning all I can for what is available for linux...and trying to figure out what app is going to be the best ...yeah...I'll be recording my voice When you go live let me or us know that way we could check it out.
  3. Well you should of got it with Vista... Then you should of loaded Ubuntu as a dual boot. Now it will be harder for you if you ever want MS OS.... At least you got linux on your laptop.
  4. I also do the same thing then I start with the services and move on from there... The one thing that has to work for me is the wifi .... I also try to change the shell to add color and run security updates plus also install other little programs.
  5. Let me tell you some thing. I bought me a dell laptop with Vista on. After 2 days I turn off a lot of service also. Now I have Vista and Fedora running on it. I have a dual boot machine. So far Vista has been running fine. there are a lot of cool sites on how to customize it and good tools for security audits and other stuff. it all depends what your going to use it for. Good luck and try it....
  6. Well what you should do is buy yourself a new computer since it's xmas time and they are cheap right now. back up all your importand data you want to save plus also scan them before placing them on your new computer. Save that old win98 computer and us it as a second computer running linux. That will help you down the road if you ever want to get into security or h*cking... Good luck.
  7. That is so true... Make sure when you post something up that the server is off shore or something... Also be careful on what you are downloading...
  8. Let me ask you something ... If I have the linksys BEFSR41 VER 2 that's a good firewall and router correct? Is the firmware that comes with good or is there better ones out there?
  9. Well just like Dell they have different drivers for the OS. You need to look at the model number and see if there is an option for xp. If you have trouble pm and I will try to help you... Other thing why do you want xp rather then Vista?
  10. Question for you do you have spinrite? I was trying to find a copy on the net but couldn't find any that are free....
  11. You already did episode 200? I wanted to find out the date and what time to call in.... I can't wait
  12. Trust me I had the same issue a couple weeks ago.
  13. I us to run AVG boot virus and rootkit. I didn't the software even thow the software was free. I had some issue also witht he rootkit and the anti-virus software. I think there are better programs out there for this kind of thing. Let me see if I could find some okay.
  14. Thank you for the link. I like the video you put together plus the good tutorials on your site. Keep up the good work . --Malachai--
  15. Just to let you know ,since I us to be a webmaster and a traffic generater for my own site. If you're trying to keep your site privite between 2 users it's going to be hard. The reason why is that googles spider or other bots will get your url. Here's a link of what I'm talking about. trust me I tried doing the same thing with the admin log on. Good luck on doing that. Hope it helps.
  16. Yes you should of downloaded the image from the site. That's a much better way of doing it rather then doing it the way your doing it.
  17. So you are saying that you are locked out of google certain hours. That's kind of funny because if that would happen then google would be losing a lot of money from users. What browser are you using? if you're using IE clean out your cache, internet files and see if that works. Other thing also too try to run firefox and see if you could connect. If you really want to check your connection bring up a command line in DOS, and ping google. If you get a reply from them then it's your browser. other thing during that time are you able to browser other sites? [ Malachai ]
  18. Welcome to the board. I think this would be a good link for you to start with. You will learn a lot... ( Little Billy ) Have a great day ;-)
  19. did you have trouble with netstumbler on Vista on how to configure it? I know when I did load it on my laptop it did not work for some reason it did not locate the wireless card or the network card. I will have to try it once again, plus did you have to run the software as Administrator user?
  20. This sucks that I have the new dells that only have usb and this dumb expresscard slot... I was thinking about buying this one from ebay. Can you guys tell me if this would be a good wifi card to have for vista and Fedora 7... Sorry for the dumb question just getting into wifi now.
  21. Nice video you have posted... I like it!!!!!!!!!!! The song so goes along with the h*ck... Do you know who sings the song? Nice site you have going for yourself... nice collection of videos you have...
  22. How funny is this. I remember when I us to have a linux server on the web with certain ports open. I remember using trip wire... I think that's what it's called. What the software does is block the ip address from coming back. it tells the host that the machine is off line or went down. That way they move on. I don't know if you would like to do that, but one thing you have to be careful is that if you enter the wrong password or try to scan your own machine it will block you out. I did this one time and had to bounce off other servers to get in. Look into that and see the logs go down really fast. Also if you have a good long password then you won't have to work about it. Better yet let us have the ip address to take a look at it. hahahah . Have a g00d one
  23. Well it's true he could watch you if he wanted too... But the best thing is you should do that to him and see what you find out about him. Just get yourself a good firewall to block him and you will be good.
  24. I remember when they came out with this. I guess now we have a tone of people trying to us it.
  25. I think I might us it at work since we only us IE there...