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  1. Trying using this tool and see if it works.
  2. the best thing for you to do is learn any disc that has linux... Right now I'm using ubuntu... you should learn how to use it load it and see all the tools it has then move onto scripting and stuff lke that.
  3. WOW... like the new layout of the site. Been gone for a while so far I like it.

  4. Look in your machine... they copy the folder over to your computer and delete the files. I seen the guy copy it to my machine...
  5. the site version is out already but not the course on the site. I didn't see them ...
  6. Well after looking around seem's to be a good site so far. I notice that some of the course they will be offering for free. Very interesting... Guess they are working on the english version.... Since I could read a little bit of spanish it seems like they will be good. In due time we will see..
  7. All I have to say is that I like the site so far. They talk about the Matrix one of my favorite moves... Some good comments on the site... Will have to check it out more.
  8. Hello all, I have a question for you guys. I have been assigned 2 task today. Maybe some of you might be able to help me. 1. What linux dist would you load for new users and older users that know linux. We are ready to move out of MS windows to linux. The ones we been thinking of are Fedora, or Ubuntu but the kde version... Which one do you think would be good? and why.... 2. I need to find a good anti virus software for some MS windows that we have... I know I said we are ready to move off of it but it's going to be about 9 months from now. In the mean time I need to find something good for a corp network. We are using Mcafee but damm it's taking a lot of memory and resources. Which virus software would you guys recommend and why? All I need is something to protect the workstation from getting any viruses... Any good feed back would be good. thanks
  9. Well if I do that, should I change my trusted router to dhcp? When I had my trusted router I had it on static ip address plus I also changed the ip address of the trusted router when I first installed it. After configuring the FIOS router I set the same settings as my trust router... Well same ip address that I used to us. I will connect my trusted router and see what happens. Should I just connect to the enternet port or one of the port on it since it's a 4 port router.
  10. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has the new FIOS Verizon wireless router installed at there home or business? I"m a little bit on the on the wireless router... Since I been hearing on the net some phone companies have access to the router plus your network. To top it off the installer used the coax connection rather then the ethernet connection. I can't use my link router i had before now since it does not support the coax router... I'm a little bit scared that they might browse my network or watch on what I'm doing... more or less when I'm testing something out or doing my thing.... Let me have some of your feedback or thoughts about this. --Malachai--
  11. Sorry I don't have the cash for something like... I'm trying to find a good education place or a free site were I could learn from other security people.
  12. I'm also looking on getting cert soon. I been studing on and off. it's hard when you have a family and work...
  13. Well i wish I could go but it's a little to far for me to travel... have to say my money for vacation trip... Hey what ever happen to the Defcon cd and information you were going to post for use.... Just wondering.
  14. Well you have to think on what you want to do. Do you want to learn program, security, etc.... Just think what you want and the best thing for you also to do is learn linux. Myself I started out with fedora, and moved from their. I kind of know a little bit of everything, but not a lot since I'm always jumping around.
  15. This decision has allready been made by the bosses, they want to take action and fire those responsible for it. They have given me the task to catch the ones and provide the necessary proof. So the monitoring tool was the only thing I could think of. Well since I.T was able to tell you that they were surfing more... You should be able to view the log files and track them that way. The user would be very upset if the company got a hold of there personal passwords. I know that some of our users suft the web to check there mail. But that's normal. Good luck