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  1. LOL! Good luck.
  2. Dude that is funny! Congratulations on the state win! Study well for the Nationals! Get the word out @ a local level about your State win (tell people about it at your job etc.), I think you might be surprised at the support that folk are willing to give to someone doing their best.
  3. What tekio said, search Back|Track 4. Scroogle or Google Good place to start is right here: Read, read, read, even if it doesn't make sense to you at first. You could search for info on Metasploit, there are some good vid tutorials. One series @ Irongeek another @ Securitytube Show some initiative and make some replies.
  4. musicmad, Consider this, you lose/misplace an item you are fond of. Someone finds it and without trying to locate the person who truly owns it they decide it's now theirs. It could happen to you. I encourage you to locate the owner of the laptop as next time it might be you who is missing something and wouldn't you be very happy to have the missing item returned?
  5. After seeing your post #4, I withdrawal my advice.
  6. Using the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro?....Bummer dude! Same here and it's gone into Legacy under the ownership of AMD, meaning they do not update the driver anymore. I had Ubuntu 8.04 on this box till 3 months ago and the 9800 Pro performed pretty good considering it's age. Did a new install of 10.04 studio and the 9800 Pro was a 9800 Blow! After much gnashing of teeth and rendering X unable to start several times I found the Vesa driver to be the best performer for this red headed stepchild of a graphics card. I have several distros installed on the same computer with the Radeon 9800 Pro, multi-boot. Fedora 14, same deal crappy results with the default driver. Mepis 8.5 default install, very good. Sabayon 5.4 works good, just not a fan of the O/S. Back|Track 4 R2 performs ok. Puppy 5.11 so, so. Hope this helps.
  7. 11 meters since the 80's and met many good people on the citizens Band, became friends with some of them, that was in Northern Cali. Where I live now 11 meters is not very active. No code Tech in 2001 enjoyed it very much there where some lively repeaters From Monterey Bay to San Jose. Built a 6 element Yagi beam from scratch for 6 meters, very pleased with it's performance. Again were I live now the conversations are not stimulating enough to join in on unless your into discussions concerning colostomy bags! The expiration date for my ticket is next month and I'm not sure if I'll renew it at this point, sad really.
  8. If your using Brutus your on a Win O/S, prefer GUI and I think I understand what your looking for. Sentry C-Force Caecus Not sure if any of the above are still being developed or supported as it's been literally years since I've had any hands-on with them. The hardest part will be finding enough good quality proxies to use. Gook luck.
  9. Audacious is my first pick everytime. But I like simple, just play the friggin music players and get annoyed with the do it all players. Just need the player, equalizer and playlist and I'm good to go. There is a newer project called QMMP, which is quite nice. Simple, straight-forward and no fluff. @eldiablo Installed it last night after reading your reply. Had most of the dependencies installed already just needed 4 files for the install. Played several albums with it, I like it. It's default treble bias seems to be a little higher then Audacious and it uses a little more ram and cpu%. I'm on and older box circa 2003 so I have to pay attension to the little things. Thanks for the tip sir.
  10. Cool....Nearly instant gratification
  11. noob question, Berzerk, What is a blacklist and why would it be wise to use one? little_fang, glad you asked. Go here and read, then you could do a search and read some more so you are well informed: You do not need to purchase software to do this there are lists out there, read up and figure it out. I still maintain that torrents are an unnecessary risk no matter which O/S you run. There are other ways of acquiring "data" and I will not discuss them here....ever.
  12. Pointing out the obvious I'm sure but d/l a bunch of torrents on an O/S that has a legacy of being the most targeted O/S on the planet is very risky. The fix or to set your mind at ease is not to rely just on your firewall and anti-vir to keep you safe. There is no one thing that will keep it all off your box. If you don't already have these get them, MalwareBytes, Ad-Aware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster just to name a few and get the freeware versions. Research the scanners well, before you d/l and install them. Oh and if you find yourself compelled to d/l torrents please do yourself a favor and use a blacklist. sk3l1t0r I'm not talking down to you just trying to help, but I don't know how much you understand about your O/S or d/l torrents with it.
  13. First place I would look is in the bios.
  14. Audacious is my first pick everytime. But I like simple, just play the friggin music players and get annoyed with the do it all players. Just need the player, equalizer and playlist and I'm good to go.
  15. Linux all the way since 2007. If it can't be done in Linux (and it can) I'm not interested....) The transition from Windows to Linux is interesting in that you start by multi-booting with 1 or 2 windows installs and 1 Linux install, time passes, one day it occurs to you that you haven't booted into Windows in over a year. Next you upgrade a file storage hard-drive and format and partition it in ext3 and transfer all your beloved files to it. You end up with a box that has 6+ installs of various Linux distros searching for the perfect O/S.....Yes I'm a Linux junkie.