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  1. I'd say ebay is your friend. i have an elenco but it's seen better days.
  2. Is anyone playing with the Pandora handheld? Pandora Home lostbaka
  3. I've always liked the ARRL Handbooks. I just recently picked up the 2010 edition, though that might have been an impulse buy. But hey, they're good and now I can keep 2010 in the basement and 2009 in my room
  4. besides the amateur, CB, and GMRS allocations, and using high gain antennas on 802.11 devices, what else is there to play with, unlicensed or cheaply licensed? I know there's UHF+ monitoring but that seems like a passive activity after assembling your station. Ok, there are probably some cool conversations that can be heard (NASA, NWS EWIN, etc). i guess part of this comes from the lack of data networking on the ham bands and the other is the random radio equipment which can be found on ebay and at flea markets lost
  5. Has any tried and\or is it even possible to use a security camera motorized pan\tilt head as an antenna Az\El rotator? If it's doable, i figure it's cheaper than getting the Yaesu G-5500. the end goal would be to have a head that can be controlled by one of the satellite tracking programs like Nova or Wxtrack. thanks, lostbaka
  6. supposedly, i missed the true meaning of field day... FOOD!! Oh well. I hit up three field day events, including the one Ticom was at. I missed dinner at all three events Saturday turned into a study of different clubs. First club: small but very active This was probably the most helpful club i've ever been too!! When I got back on the road, i had more emphasis get up and start trying different activities. it really shows what a good group of members can do. from getting to HF to failures of the packet network and 3.3Ghz, it was very easy to ask any question and feel comfortable. Second club: medium sized but members with stuph this club is somewhat of sister club to my home club, they're a town or two away and we share members. the rason for stopping here was a friend was pulling out the satellite gear. they didn't make contacts when i was there but it was still damn cool to see up and operating. i saw a pro class CW operator tear up whatever band he was on, which was cool to watch on its own. One operation was in a member's RV and another used the fire dept. decontamination trailer. Home club: medium size and somewhat surprising I reached my home club around 10:30pm so i didn't get to see if the younger crowd came. according to the weekly net, there was a good turnout and the club realizes it needs to branch out a bit more and explore other topics in amateur radio. i helped out in the 40m phone tent, my first time on HF. basically stayed there untill 3am. not a bad time at all a good saturday lost
  7. This weekend is Field Day. Find your amateur radio club and join in. And if they seem to be lacking new blood, TELL THEM TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! I know one of the local clubs near me is pulling out the satellite gear see ya, lost
  8. i think you're right. it probably was an embrroidery machine
  9. So after spending most of Saturday at at Near-fest, my friend and i stopped stopped at craft store on the way back home (Hey sewing machines are computerized so i was up for it). What caught my eye on this trip was a Husqvarna Viking, i think that was the mfg, sewing machine. The removable card that had all the stitch patterns looked to have the contact pattern of a smart card. Are these things actually smart\memory cards? Has anyone messed with these?
  10. Another way to save a little is to use commercial gear. There's a little bit of a learning curve and they are no frills (no direct frequency entry for example), but if you're just working the local repeater, it's good enough. I use GE and Motorola just for packet and the local repeaters. My only ham radio, is my VX7R HT. I will say some of the most fun I've had has been walking the aisles of fests and the like and picking up cool stuff.
  11. i've wondered about this too, especially after the east coast black out a few years ago. as I've mentioned in another post, I'm surprised that the Red Cross uses IP telephony \ satellite internet for their disaster vechicles but the volunteers I've talked said it's worked beautifully. What are charges like for prepaid plans?
  12. I've got a KAM XL on loan. It's a HF\VHF\UHF TNC and will do PACTOR, PSK31, RTTY, and CW along with packet and other modes. Haven't tried those modes yet (no HF transceiver at the moment). I like the idea of the KAM XL cause all you need is a serial terminal. it looks like it would be good to have a audio recorder while scanning. record sounds for training and later decoding if you feel like it.
  13. December is the 25th aniversary of ham radio in space (anyone have a Pigs In Space joke?). AMSAT and the ARRL have articles on the history and planned events. i'm going to try to get into some of the ARISS packet days. Anyway, should be interesting.
  14. any luck with the EME info hunt? I heard something on this week's Amateur Radio Newsline. It was about a QRP digital HF mode called WSPR. You can find more about it at the ARN's webpage, http://www.arnewsline.org/. You can listen to the broadcast and\or read the transcript. It's report #1633.
  15. Hey, I needed something to do help me fall asleep. there's always the FCC database but it's sometimes hard to sort through the results so what is the best way to train the ears? constant listening? FSK decoders have been mentioned in other posts. is it worth looking into 2- and 4-level interfaces? thanks