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  1. I am also in. Was this being discussed at some point?
  2. If you have a server that makes you money and you have a fear of losing money...wouldn't you hire someone to keep the server up. You know...like a network admin or something?
  3. Yeah, you're right, but those instances don't really apply anymore. I was talking about this day and age...since you know we are in this day and age and all...
  4. This is true. I never really understood why people wanted to pay for support, but surely there is a reason somewhere that appeals to some end users. All the support they are paying for is out there on the internet already.
  5. I apologize for my poor wording. Yes, I meant you (in the general sense) have the option to pay for support with Linux. It is usually all packaged in together in a way that seems like you are paying for Linux though. It's usually one of those fine print things.
  6. "I hate windows because I use linux" Anytime I sit down at a windows machine I am constantly saying "Windows sucks." or "I hate windows" or "Linux is so much better than Windows", but looking back now I see what I think this. Firstly, yes, Windows does have more security flaws than Linux, but let's be honest if they didn't how would Microsoft make their money? Think about it. The Linux community has a choice to make money or not so the majority of the time Linux is really up to date with the security issues. Microsoft doesn't have a choice. They are a -major- corporation so they have to make money. Not saying this is exactly right, but it doesn't mean that windows totally sucks. The reason I always say these negative things (and don't think I'm going to stop because of this post) is because I'm accustomed to Linux. I think I would probably say the same things if I had to sit down and work on say a Slack computer. I guess what I'm saying is that Windows has its place just as Linux does. EDIT: Yeah, it seems like the ninja kid is just running around posting like an idiot. I've just been ignoring him most of the morning. Either he'll get in his place or tick someone off that shouldn't be ticked off. Same old story
  7. Damn it. I missed it. Anyone know anything about where I can get a hold of it or if they are going to be showing it again? EDIT: I just checked on the site and it says they are showing it 12am eastern tonight (9-26-08) Schedule for 26th EDIT EDIT: clearly we posted that at roughly the same time so sorry for not seeing your post levitis
  8. I like to listen to gay porn while I hack the gibson....I mean I like modern rock regardless of what I'm doing. I also like to listen to Frank Sinatra when I'm really trying to concentrate.
  9. I'm going and I've heard nothing of a binrev meetup.
  10. Sweet, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't have time to look into it when I was there and have wondered ever since then. Thanks
  11. I don't really want to start a new topic and it kind of fits here so I'll ask it along side this one. I use be a wire rat for a company that installed networks in public school systems and one of the lab teachers had a program that let her monitor what all the kids were doing at one time. It had all the desktops in little squares. Kind of like when you're viewing a security camera monitor and it has all the screens on it. If anyone knows what this is it could help out MattG as well as myself. Thanks in advance guys.
  12. These guys are pretty messed up. What's the story with them and cs? Does anybody know the story?
  13. After a few minutes of searching using google's secret search syntax (sarcasm, but if you're interested check out johnny.ihackstuf (dot) com ) I uploaded the file. If you need it you can find it at: http://www.acomputerplaceonline.com/unlock6.zip
  14. I think he kind of got his numbers backwards. It's much closer to 90% of the world -using- linux than not using it. I'll throw in my story as well. I asked my girlfriend out online the first time. (yeah I know, lame) She said she'd go on a date with me the next day so I gave her my number and she woke me up the next morning calling me like I was tech support. Now she does all of her own computer work, runs linux on one machine, and we're well on our way to being happily engaged. All this being said, that guys is an idiot.
  15. Well if it -is- a binrev magazine then why not something like, "BinRev DigiMag" or something with binrev in the name.