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  1. Wow.. that was a mistake clicking on those unsubscribe links. My spam went from 6 spam messages a day to 33. Ironicly /. just ran an article on it: I wish I read that 2 days earlier.
  2. *Sigh* When will there be national anti-spam bills passed.
  3. Thanks for the info! My only question is, is their a way to actually unsubscribe to this crap? I foolish tried clicking on the links in the email, half knowing it was a mistake as I did it. Of course now I get double the spam.
  4. It seems like gmail just has a giant list and for some reason if the email address their sending to doesn't exist, it sends it to the closest thing. interesting..
  5. Alright, one day I started getting all this spam. My gmail account is bluevoid. The email I was getting was addresed to bluevodka, bludevodkabebe or bluevokel. I didn't think much of this until I went to unsubscribe and realized the address registered was actually which is not mine. Whats up with that? Am I actually recieving other people spam?
  6. 2 quick questions about 2600. 1: Is it any good? 2: Is it legal? Like is alright for it to be delivered to my college no problem?
  7. Lots of possibilities depending on the situation. I will go through step by step each one even if it's painfully obvious. I'm assuming you are on windows for both computers. FLOPPY DISK: If both computers have floppy drives, and you have a blank floppy, copy the file to the floppy. Step 1: Take the blank floppy disk and put it into the floppy drive. Step 2: Right clic kthe file and go to "Send To...". From that menu choose "3 1/2 Floppy". Wait for the file to copy. Step 3: Remove the floppy disk from the drive and stick it in the drive in the computer you want the file on. Step 4: Open "My Computer" and then open your Floppy Drive, usualy labled "A:" Step 5: You should see your file, either open the file there or idealy copy the file to your computer by dragging it to a location. CD: If you have a CD burner on the computer that has the file and the file is to big to fit on a floppy or one of the computers doesn't have a floppy drive, you can burn the file to CD. Step 1: Insert a blank CD in the CD burner drive. Step 2: Open up your CD burning software. If for somereason you lost the software or your burner didn't come with any, free software can be found by searching Step 3: Make sure you specify you are burning data. Add the file you want transfered to be burned. Step 4: File-> write CD Step 5: Remove the CD and insert it into the other computers CD rom drive. Step 6: Open "My Computer" then "CD-Rom Drive" usualy drive letter D. Step 7: Either open the file from the CD or idealy copy the file to your computer by dragging the file onto the desktop. NETWORK: If bot computers are conencted to the network, transfer the file over the network. Step 1: Make sure the file is shared. To do this right click the file and click "Sharing and Security". Click the "Sharing" tab. Make sure the "Share this file on the netowork" button is checked. If it isn't check it. Step 2: On the computer you want the file on search for the computer that has the file on the network. Do this by opening "My Network Places" and hitting alt+f3 or by clicking the search button. Enter the computer name of the computer that ahs the file. If you do not know the computer name, go abck to the computer that has the file and right click on "My Computer" and go to properties. Click on the "Computer Name" tab. The name should be listed next to "Full computer name:". Step 3: Open up the computer you just searched for. You should see the file shared. Drag it to the desktop. FTP: I'm not going to go through how to set up an FTP, but if you have access to one and know the ip address, login name and pass word and have an internet connection then follow these steps. Step 1: Open your FTP software. If you don't have any, do a search on and get a free one. Step 2: Go to File->Connect and enter the IP address, login name and pass (the default port should be fine). Step 3: Go to file -> upload then select your file. Step 4: Do the same on the other computer except download the file instead of uploading. WEB: If both computers have internet connections then you can upload them to a free webserver and download them from the other computer. Step 1: Sign up to a free webhost. I use Step 2: Follow that hosts directions for uploading a file. Step 3: On the other computer and go to the file you just uploaded. For example: Thats all I can think of, unless you get crazy with serial ports or sometihng.. or you have other devices like a zip drive or USB drive.
  8. I would be willing to do it. I havn't done anything for a long while, so don't include me unless you want a "newbs point of view". Lemme know-- EDIT: I have done similar jobs in the past, and wouldn't have a problem posting a few tiems a week.
  9. It's been awhile since I've done anything hackerish. I don't mean breaking into anything, but general knowledge of security. What are some good resources/communities around other then this site? I'm not looking for a hacking howto guide, but solid computer sites. I hope I'm making my point clear.
  10. I'm not overly concearned with stoarge space.. Ive got an 80GB and a 40GB and plenty of DVDs.
  11. Well, I have been informed that since I'm in college I only get 2 Christmas presents this year. So I have to make them count. First I know I want an MP3 player. I havn't done to much research into whats going to fit me best. My bigest concearns are battery life and storage size although size/stylish wouldn't hurt. So far most people seem to be saying IPod? No? Yes? Second, I'm going to be buying HL2, and I need to upgrade the old comptuter. This is what I have: Athalon 1.3 Ghz 256 DDR Ram Radeon 9000 Out of those what is most important to upgrade? And to what? Thanks for all the help! (BTW I'm going to try and start posting here regularly so-- Hello!) NOTE: After posting im not sure if this was the right section to post it in.. Hmmm.
  12. I remember seeing this on Tech Tv or sometihng.. Anyway I was wondering if their are any sites that showed how to hook up gaming consoles, such as SNS or dreamcast to the PC?
  13. I would suggest you read Second I dont know how anyone could prefer yahoo over gmail after using gmail. Not only does gmail offer the large space but it also offers the best spam controle I have ever seen. Along with the most inovative way of reading email. Gmail blows away any other service I have used.
  14. Its easy not to get any spam.. Just do all of your signing up to services with a junk account. I havn't gotten a single piece of spam in a year.
  15. Trust me.. if you can't get the login you arn't going to get far. Just think about.. and remember Google is always your friend.