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  1. Openbox or Awesome. If you want something easy to setup and use, XFCE is great. Try everything
  2. Today I went out and bought 1GB of ram for my desktop. I pop it into my pc and booted it up, just fine. I was burning an iso and it crash. /cold sweat Could it bad ram, the motherboard, or me going nuts. Oh ya, I have two 512mb and the new 1Gb.
  3. We've already addressed his misstatement about the RAM in the system... He more then likely has a sufficient amount of RAM but lacked the ability to identify it.. Don't encourage the spread of false information NB-robo.. Ok sorry, my bad.
  4. I'm sure we do. We are! lol jk
  5. LOL, take that Microsoft.
  6. BSD,slacks,debian. but that box has almost no ram, just forget about using any GUI. You might get away running fluxbox, but I doubt it. Anyway give it a try and see what happens.
  7. I guess Russians don't know too mush about WW2 and how the Nazis did that to their grandfathers. Russia is just a hell hole now. (it's always been) By the way, why were you on Hal Turner's site? He's a fucking Nazi that need to be hang.
  8. This is a cool and all but it's really going overboard if you ask me. But give it a try on a old pc.
  9. I'm the same way. Also people who download stuff cause they think it "sucks" and should be free are retard. Why would you download and watch/listen media that suck?. I don't know The thing is why are we buying into pure crap. I never really go to the movies. I buy or download mainstream media. I buy music form small labels. Why would you buy "top 40" shit. Anyway i'm going on a rant. But when it comes to software, you can just get free software. There tons of it,just ask RMS. Unless you bought a pc w/o a windows disk. Then download the ISO. Whatever there's my 2 cents /pointless rant
  10. Damn the 80's sucks
  11. Found this on digg today http://gigaom.com/2007/08/13/skype-on-iphone-no-seriously/
  12. http://beyond.hope.net/ Everything is in .ram (I hate realplayer) Anyway it's cool they put it on DVDs(19 of them) for only $50. Not bad...
  13. What textfile is that. 1GB damn!
  14. lol @ StankDawg's John Deer hat.
  15. looks good
  16. Here's your answer: http://chicago2600.net/ LOL, owned
  17. OMG nice, just think about hacking wi-fi networks with that. It also looks really light. Also the price is not that bad. I'll buy one.
  18. I wanted to know what you guys think about the running a 3d desktop. Do you think it's cool as hell or a waste of time. I for one run Compiz Fusion, I think it a great program. It got me to use Linux more. Now it's my main OS. Anyway tell me what you think about it. -peace
  19. I got it fix last night. I overwrote a few different thing in xorg, But it's working
  20. ZOMG nice!
  21. Ya with Dual-monitors it's bugging. I tried Thursday night and loss the windows boarders and I try fixing it in xorg and kill X, and like a noob I forget to backup xorg.
  22. lol
  23. Good point