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  1. I can, sky corporation with their satelite decoder cards. Once the decryption key's out the cards useless and they have to re-issue a few million of them as their subscriber limit falls dramatically when the pirate cards hit the market. And every sub is worth £30-60 a month... Unhackable because it has no links between chips. Tell that to NDS who sliced a pic chip on the sky rival's canal+ cards apart and scanned it layer by layer with a scanning electron microscope and assembled it back together to lift the keys off it. Allegedly of course, since it was never proven for the lawsuit. And if you knew the stick had heat sensing on it, wouldn't you just warm up the severed digit up in a bowl of body temp water first? or use fake prints taken from the owner on another humans fingers, or a few other tricks. Unhackable just means harder and more expensive doesn't it? mythbusters showed a few methods how to get around fingerprint readers... some are as simple as using a photocopy of the fingerprint - while others were more complex, but with a thin latex copy of the fingerprint over your own finger (for the proper temperature) that should defeat this aspect of security... i agree with decoder, i can only imagine the only reason for wanting your data to self destruct would be to prevent it from ending up in law enforcements hands - however, i have a feeling that the company would work with LEOs to recover data on these devices... that... and nothing is unhackable... if someone with the skill wanted to, it would just be a matter of time to crack the device... i find it laughable that the proof that it is unhackable is that whatever "hackers" they had at the launch event were unable to crack it within 2 hours - never having seen the device or its specifications... Or instead of the whole finger slicing thing (ewwwwww btw), why just knock the fool out cold and then just place his finger in it.
  2. sftp is the way forward but until you can move them over to a new piece of ftp daemon software, simply moving the ftp port to a 'weird' and unstandard number will cut down on random noobs rattling you doors with ftp-bots
  3. Wow, the last time i install Debian on a box not just a vm to test things, it installed a 2.4 kernel even though the rest of the world was up to 2.6.12
  4. You have to type poweroff on a commandline to turn off your desktop? nice
  5. Should do cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -E 'processor|MHz' Now count the processors, if the Mhz lines are less then your processors rated at then scaling working and your good to go. On the gnome desktop add a processor scaling applet and choose a govneror, I use ondemand, for laptops.
  6. Oh make sure you check uname -a and see if its installed a modern kernel. Admitly I have used debian's latest release but the old releases used to install by default a linux-386 kernel which is very basic and missed out support for processor speed scaling, multicore and large memory support. Look for at least a linux-686smp. (not sure of the exact naming conventions off the top of my head but search synaptic/aptitude. Sorry if this info mation is below your knowledge level.
  7. How differcalt is # apt-get install build-deps nessus # ./configure # make # make install
  8. works for me in firefox. Im looking at a grey on grey forum site
  9. I remember that as well. Back in the late 80's my brother had a spectrum+2 which was a normal ZX Spectrum except it had 128k and a bultin tape drive. We got "Teenage mutant hero turtles" for it for xmas, every time you restarted a level the screen would go blank and print "Please rewind the tape to position -27 and press play" then we had to wait 15 minites. God I was glad we we got a megadrive. This would be an interesting Project to code a program to save data to a wave file and stream it back.
  10. Dude! why have you got a bra on your head?
  11. If i have X running GEdit, if im suck on a terminal nano.
  12. Actually it's based on the NetBSD Darwin core but I get your where your comming from Nice wallpaper, dont let it near any german stage magicans though OS X is based on FreeBSD. Thanks for out smart-arsing me!!!! *gets coat, leaves quietly*
  13. Actually it's based on the NetBSD Darwin core but I get your where your comming from Nice wallpaper, dont let it near any german stage magicans though
  14. I Think most modern Distro now class all drive as scsi even if their IDE. This is to simplify the naming conventions
  15. If you just want the files. Get A Ubuntu live-cd and a USB hard drive reboot the computer with the cd in plugin hard drive copy files using drag and drop remove drives and cd reboot Congratulations you have just hacked windows XP PROFIT!!!! Sercurity on pcs are a joke, if your left alone in a room with them.
  16. GTFO!!!!! Kidding!
  17. The one time I had to do this, I used
  18. Can I Suggest Ubuntu Home Edition, and then look into webminand + shh. so after you set it up you can log in to your server from anywhere.
  19. i just run Ophcrack against my XP box and it took about 5 minutes to get my password, now im sad
  20. WARNING FORKBOMB!!!!!!!!1111111Shift+1 something like that will do
  21. What the hell is that???? Its looks like special fried lard and chips, ugg
  22. The problem lies in the fact the base /dev/audio doesn't know what a mp3/ogg/flac/wav is, so the crackling you hear is the bytecoded file being played as raw 0&1's. The easy way to punt a sound file though the speakers in bash is to use either mplayer sound.file or if your feeling l33t a Gstreamer Alsa-sink chain gst-launch filesrc location=yourfile.sound ! decodebin ! audioconvert ! alsasink you may have to change a few things as im using my winXP box
  23. Oh I think Ubuntu Live CD cant handle raid set-up (Well it couldn't in Feisty not sure about Gutsy) you need to download the 'Alternate install cd' then in the partition setp phase set all the drives as Physical-raid-device or some such nonsense, then go into 'setup Lvm/raid' and you will be presented with a new dialog where you can add drives to the raid set, choose your raid level (RAID0 is pointless BTW) and partition the sets. This will TANK all the data on the drives BTW.
  24. is proberly what your looking for, Software raid is more useful then hardware raid, because the performance differance is minimal in the home enviroment. All consumer mobo have fake raid where windows needs a bootdisk driver to see the set anyway.
  25. Unless the game specifically records the MAC address and sends it to the server for identification purposes, no (and even then it could probably be faked by the user). The MAC address on all the packets from the user to the server is the MAC of the router the server is connected to. ok got it now, cheers