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  1. Yeah I've had plenty of those very recently on a regular MSN client.
  2. There was one, it was called the "Semaphore Project". Was a while back and i dont think its up anymore, could be but i can't find it if it is. Anyway, the idea was you could create an account, log in via putty. You were either one of 2 teams to begin with (you pick which). CIA and the KGB. you had to find hidden docs on the box, take out players from other teams etc etc etc. It was still in open beta when i was on and since I went offline for a while I haven't seen it since. But that give you an idea of what you can do.
  3. Dude, don't drop out of school, I don't give a shit how good your idea is, no one will take you seriously if you are some high school drop out these days. "Ah....ok, you you finished high school right? Oh....you didn't? Ooohh...you dropped out in year 10? Ah..ok...you have some idea..it will revolutionize our industry will it.....mmm...okay.. *security!*...ok I am going to have to ask you to leave.."
  4. Anyone up for a conf with some aussies? We are all pretty laid back, got one of you visiting now how about the rest. #hpavc on freenode. come check it out and get in on the aussie phreak/hack/tech scene
  5. If any of you guys want to set up a viop conf with a bunch of Aussies you should drop into #hpavc on freenode. Or come down to ausphreak and start a thread to organise it. We'd be happy to have a chat, even have a few yanks of our own on our chan .
  6. I really think this should be in Nubie HQ. Also have you tried googling the subject? Anyway this is what google's definition of phreaking is: 1."Hacking" the public phone network. 2.Phreaking is the hacking of the telecommunication systems. Phreaking is a specific subset of hacking. It is spelled with PH for PHONE. 3.The act of breaking into a telephone network, often for the purpose of making free calls or to charge calls to another person's account, for example. 4.Phreaking is a slang term coined to describe the activity of a subculture of people who study, experiment with, or explore telephone systems, the equipment of telephone companies, and systems connected to public telephone networks. Source: www.psycom.net/iwar.2.html ftp.fas.org/irp/congress/1996_hr/s960605a.htm www.h-spot.net/threat_glossary.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phreaking All I did was google "define: phreaking". Hope it helps.
  7. Wow you are really not out to gain respect here are you?
  8. Irc

    Yeah i use x-chat on my windows, I find it much better than mIRC but thats just me.
  9. Ive been running Vista for a while now, usually its fine, nice and smooth. However occasionally it will decide to spaz out. By that i mean things like explorer.exe will stop working and I am forced to kill the process and start it back up again. Not a big issue but really annoying when your in the middle of something.
  10. http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/...9-15306,00.html A little news article on the FBI collecting for
  11. he stayes up all night so i can't sleep, i gotta get up at 11 to go to work, he hates my alarm clock going off so long, it goes off so long because he won't go to bed, when i told him that it wont go off as long as he goes to bed or somewhere else, but he says NO i have a right to play Well really he does have the right if he lives there with you and pulls his weight. But yeah i agree with just killing him, try to make it look like a suicide lol.
  12. Yeah , but some users remove that option and think they are all nice and safe from the big bad people out here who wish to access there stuff.. EDIT: was a bit rude (due to drinking, rudeness removed)
  13. You could maybe also add a printer unit onto it for when you need to get said documents without having to transfer them to another device. Although this is obviously more of a business idea than an espionage idea.
  14. Say for example you wanted to change the privileges of an account that way, how would you go about it? Just got me curious lol
  15. Lmfao, touche. Well, i guess people really will buy anything.
  16. OK umm, yes that is a cool idea.....However...if you are shredding documents.........why exactly would you want to scan them? obviously you are trying to get rid of them. I know that your thinking "well we could use the wireless usb to catch the documents and find stuff in them but...what business person with documents of any value is going to want a product as risky as that. Ok so maybe you think "just dont tell them", well i hope you make a lot of money from the info you get because you'll need it while your being sued lol. Now maybe i missed the point here, I'm not sure, if so...could someone please correct me..
  17. I use "VNC_bypauth" to sniff out vuln VNC's and "BL4CK-vncviewer-authbypass" to connect. works a charm every time.
  18. Ok so heres the deal, this may sound retarded etc but whatever. A friend of mine from DigitalSpread formerly known as OzPhreak is currently selling e-mail address. He can make any account you like be it "i_love_amaerica@fbi.gov.us" or "i_am_cool@retarded.omfgroflmao" your imagination is the limit. mine for example is "i_am_echelon@DoD.mil.us". All he wants in return is AU$5 because he is having a party soon and is trying to make money. If you are interested at all you can PM me and ill put you onto him, but please, no flame PM's... Once you PM me i will pass you onto him and he will respond within 24 hours. So yeah, thats the deal want a cool e-mail address Pm me and i can hook you up, if you just want to flame or whatever, do it here not in a PM. Remember kids, "Information isn't really free"
  19. Lol but is that US$ or AU$? ours is less
  20. Yeah that would be it alright.
  21. Yeah, my bad i guess. I really didn't think anyone would go for it, just throwing it up here as a favor to a friend hoping some n00bs might want a "really cool MSN address". Ah well -3 1337 points for me lol
  22. Lol I guess not, and it's money for his b-day alcohol not weed : P How is your friend implementing this? I'd imagine that if he has a web-based system for doing this, he's likely to start winding up on spam blacklists pretty quickly once his "customers" start using it. Edit: Oh, and fire off one from your i_am_echelon@DoD.mil.us address to me at wesley@mcgrewsecurity.com . I'd like to see if it falls into gmail's spam filter, how the headers look, etc. It'd be an educational experience for all here. Nah that's the thing, you can't send and receive e-mails, its really for MSN accounts nothing else as i said here: This was more targeted at n00bs who stroll by the forums but the offer still stands to anyone interested.
  23. Ask the friend for his brother in laws e-mail address and do some google work, you'd be surprised at the amount of info you can find that way.
  24. Lol well i guess your all to smart to pay for it, however if there are any n00bs out there... lol Its AU$5 which is piss all over there lol.
  25. The only catch and sorry that i forgot to mention this is that you cant get e-mails with this. sorry for not mentioning it i just forgot. but its not that big a deal really, you can have people send you e-mail via hushmail ect. But yeah its a pretty good deal if you ask me, i have one now lol its cool "i_am_echelon@DoD.mil.us" personally i think thats kindda cool, funny. worth the money if you can have whatever msn address you desire. but yeah i hope its all straightforward now, any more quires just ask an ill answer. It's pretty much for those who want a kick ass MSN e-mail address. EDIT: added detail (see MSN)