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  1. I just found my old physical copies a week ago. Good times.
  2. Learn XHTML Learn CSS Learn JavaScript Learn PHP Learn SQL That would be a good place to start. You'll be learning skills that you can use to make money as well as understand functionality of a lot of sites. Understanding basic functionality is kind of a necessity to understand where to look for exploits. I only put CSS in there because its easy and i wish more people knew it lol. You could skip it though because there is no hacking benefit in knowing it really.
  3. I'm surprised gofuckyourself dot com (the adult webmaster forum) wasn't the first result
  4. The biggest vulnerability you'll find probably is the human factor. Teachers walking away from their terminals with it open. Not really a good idea though, schools like to revoke all computer privileges when they catch you doing something generally.
  5. Once you start scanning and check out what you have you'll eventually figure out what you're interested in. AIM conversations are always fun when you capture in a public place.
  6. I wouldn't recommend fake IDs at all. Can get up into a year in jail in some states just for making one. Up to a year of probation just getting caught with one in a lot of states. Authorities don't screw around when it comes to fakes nowadays.
  7. You could take one of the open source N64 emulators and build on it. Work towards making N64 emulation better instead of trying to do what you're describing. I can remember a time when NES emulators were slow and you had to set it to skip frames just to have it be playable. We've come a long way.
  8. Once you learn one language you'll discover how much easier it is to learn a 2nd, and then a 3rd etc.
  9. I'd go again, but cant due to schedule issues. I'm already trying to commit to next year though. +1 stank should go
  10. My university encouraged hacking and had competitions and all nighter events with sponsors.
  11. Must have been around 2001- 2002 I started lurking in November 2002. I think it was around months before then even.
  12. You probably already figured out it, but the binrev "back in the day" moments were kind of before binrev even existed, back when this forum was at and everyone called it "The Stankdawg Forums" off the cuff. Good times.
  13. I'd like to see a bunch of used Wii points numbers if anyone has some they would like to share in this thread.
  14. asdfasdf is one i've seen quite a few times.
  15. Was listening to last night's Off The Hook and heard the news that Jim suffered a serious stroke last week on Tuesday. He is currently still in serious condition, in the hospital from what I've gathered. Hope pulls through. Dual and Jim @ The Fifth Hope They said you can send messages to him at with ATTN: Jim Also can write him: Lutheran Medical Center Attn: Jim Vichench Room #4637 150 55th St Brooklyn, NY 11220
  16. Can't wait for it. :voteyes:
  17. Couple new episodes released since I last mentioned it here.
  18. Bump, since this is a topic of conversation again. I have one of Epiphany's numbers, but don't know if its any good. It would be cool if this book turned up, 3 years later.
  19. Old threads talking about it: - In this thread obfuscated calls it after Subzero. - OFFICIAL THREAD for the Culture Jam book Shows the list as: Subzero obfuscated Epiphany [pat] 813_error hacnslash Pig Monkey Minion Zapperlink Angel Lowtec Against Me! Melekin RiscPhree Zraith Ilpimp YoungBrain Igodit CerealKiller76 KemiKalPHReaK v0n Masakari098 Spaz101 DigitalNapalm Subzero said in the thread that he sent it to Epiphany. Just need to find out where it went after that.
  20. I saw it when Subzero had it. He doesn't remember who he sent it to. He thinks he sent it to Epiphany. Who has it now?
  21. just scan your network for open samba shares. when i was in college that was a a gold mine.
  22. Meetings usually go on for hours or start late anyway. Have you been to the Madison meeting? I'm sure there is enough interest in the Green Bay area. Give it a try
  23. I'm sure someone will step up and release a solution soon. I just noticed a yesterday it wasn't working.