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  1. To get into Defcon... show up with the cash. To get a hotel room... then you'll probalby need to meet whatever the age requirment is. Alot of the hotels in Vegas requires atleast 1 person to be 18 from what I understand.
  2. There is a tour of the riviera. It'll be interesting having it there this year. 702.734.5110 is the place's number. I'm planning on going. Maybe HOPE too... we'll see..
  3. Alright, so you want a web server I take it. Everyone is going to tell you to go with _____ distro or * bsd. There is no best choice for what you want to do, until you learn and figure out what you want. No matter what it'll be a good learning experience for you. Just pick one, download the ISOs and get started. You'll probably run into snags along the way, but with a little research you'll figure things out. Don't worry about what you start with because over time you'll realize what you like and what you don't like. It is at that time you can decide what flavor of *nix you like the best.
  4. running any serious dedicated service on top of linux with the dreamcast is usually pretty flakey because a lot of your resources are used for linux. I ran a dreamcast web server for a couple months just to see the load it could take. It would still be worth a shot though.
  5. This one is one of my favorites by far. The content and design is always top-notch.
  6. Just because I'm weird like this..... I've kept track of when this gets posted. It has been posted by someone once every year since 2003. (posted by m3747r0n on Jan 12 2006) (posted by Exvitel on Apr 27 2005) (posted by Nick84 on May 5 2004) (posted by Nick84 on Apr 7 2003) m3747r0n was on a roll today. He posted it over on this forum too: When you check out the link to a radio show in his sig on that forum you go here: and... Episode 15 -- See No Evil Tuesday, 10 January 2006 Episode 15 is now posted. Get it here. Check the archive for the show notes. 10 Signs Your Son is a Hacker <---------- Because of FBiLL Radio we have this post today.
  7. pssst...... (BRR)
  8. No... because windows media player is messed up, and if he is running the latest version he can't uninstall it without a system restore point. That was the only reason I suggested that. It's the easy fix for nubies.
  9. From the sounds of it you have file association problems mixed with windows media player being messed up. The problem with windows is that when things get like that with media player and IE (if you're using it), the best way to fix it is to do fresh install. If reinstalling windows isn't an option you want to take then you could try to reinstall windows media player or upgrade to version 10 if you haven't already. Also, I don't think windows media player can be uninstalled if you've upgraded to version 10 already. In that case you might be able to do a system restore back to a point before you installed windows media player. That only works if you have system restore turned on. One last thing, if you are using IE you might want to make sure the "play videos in web page" option is checked under the advanced tab in settings.
  10. I'm surprised with the reaction of this. I kind of thought it was public knowledge. It makes me realize there is a lot of knowledge I don't share because I assume people already know. I need to stop thinking that way. This video demonstrates something I already knew about but, as you can see, I still got something out of it. Thanks irongeek. :voteyes: :voteyes:
  11. In you can save as a word .doc file. You'll be fine.
  12. I think it was discovered years ago that all dreamcasts can play homebrew stuff if you burn the CDR the right way. No mod chip is ever needed for any dreamcast model. It was something that was speculated at first, but then proven wrong. I was big into the DC scene up until this summer. I sold my Dreamcast along with all the things I had for it. If you want to get started with it I would suggest getting a VGA adpater, and the DC keyboard. The ethernet adapter is usually expensive. I had my dreamcast running linux and apache for awhile. The VGA adapter is important if you want to start playing with linux on the dreamcast, otherwise the screen gets cut off and you can't see a lot of the text.
  13. There are a lot of places to start. The first question you have to ask yourself is what type of program would you like to create. What type of features would you want a program to have. After answering questions like that it will be easier for people to point you in the right direction.
  14. First off I would make sure you are running the latest stable build. If not, upgrade. Firefox used to open slow for me, but i haven't had problem with the last couple of releases. If all else fails you can try Firefox Preloader: I haven't tried this program, but it if does what it says.... you'll be happy. Hope that helps.
  15. You might want to try configuring a new xorg.conf file. Xorg -configure This is for freebsd, but slackware uses Xorg to, so it might be some help: Thats weird that its just really dark though. You can set up your usb mouse in the xorg.conf file as well. Sorry I don't have more time to get into great detail with how. Hope this helps.
  16. Why are Acidus & BlackRatchet in the intro credits. They don't seem to appear anywhere else in the show. Thats a little weird. Did one of them do the laser lock thing or are their appearances in the intro credits just some sort of filler? HackTV 1 & 2 did this too with other people. Is there something I am missing?
  17. When you realize its a spoof it doesn't matter.
  18. These rock. Some ownage in there too i noticed. :voteyes: :voteyes:
  19. The timing was off on WhiteSword Christmas so I had to chop it up in order to make it work in the song. The result sounds like really bad karaoke performed by a Speak & Spell. Atleast now I can have a WhiteSword Christmas. WhiteSword - WhiteSword Christmas (djmollusk mix)
  20. It works. If it isn't then you're not paying close enough attention to detail. From the sounds of it there are more than one secret.
  21. Figure it out on your own. Thats the fun of it.
  22. :voteyes: :voteyes: I like easter eggs.
  23. Whitesword ... You'd make everyone's holiday special if you would grace us with a rendition of Whitesword Christmas. Just to get your started here is a midi file and lyrics. I'm dreaming of a WhiteSword Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten, and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow I'm dreaming of a WhiteSword Christmas With every Christmas card I write May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white I'm dreaming of a WhiteSword Christmas With every Christmas card I write May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white Feel free to change the lyrics.
  24. I am also dreaming of a whitesword christmas.
  25. hehe droops Petersburg (NE) You could have removed it, and typed in the correct zipcode if you set up an account when you first posted it. It gives you an option for that. I know this becaues I also slipped and typed the wrong zip in. I was able to change it because I set up an account.