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  1. I created a site recently that was kind of working in the same way. A cron job did the trick.
  2. A lot of wireless companies use a system called CARES. I worked for *rival company* at one time in the past and yes, it was a windows app. It was some software created and licensed to a bunch of wireless companies from what I understand. I had a friend who worked at an Cingular retail store and he mentioned CARES to me once and thats when we found out its the same software. You just didn't hear the S on the end of it I guess. edit: Its mainly a customer service and retail system.
  3. I'm moving to teh Chicago. Probably be at the October meeting. :voteyes:
  4. :voteyes: Geek Love Radio, as well as the official archive, is coming back very soon. We had to take a break because of real life, and people moving all over the place. We have a lot more resources at our fingertips for this next season of Geek Love Radio so stay tuned for more news.
  5. Yes. IP Geo. Add that.
  6. ytcracker > * DG4L
  7. Stank and Decoder need a spin off show. It's more comedy than anything. :voteyes: :voteyes:
  8. Thanks for posting this. :voteyes:
  9. I might be able to use your offer for a project I was thinking about starting that would require hosting of hacker media type videos / radio shows.
  10. Recently I came into possession of a copy of the Mac OS X x86 and I installed it on my AMD system and I've been playing around with it. Anyone else around here been messing with it too? I'd like to hear about your experiences with it.
  11. My brother's dog flipped out when I played that on my cell phone.
  12. That is pretty cool. Nice use of flash.
  13. I have an AMD 64 3000+. nForce 3 chipset. The version i've been playing with is 10.4.6. I also did a lot of playing around with it in vmware. It actually ran pretty fast in vmware with working network and sound.
  14. Yeah i'd been wanting to see that. :voteyes: thanks
  15. I think I was just born into it. I can remember at age 5 in kindergarten the teacher had a piano in the room. She would play a little melody when everyone was supposed to go back to the magical carpet and sit in their spot. I remember "shoulder surfing" the teacher when she played the melody... then one day while all of us were playing around in the classroom I went over to the piano and played the melody. All the students went to their spot on the magical carpet, including me. The teacher knew a child did it, but couldn't figure out who. Then a few years later I was doing BASIC on apple ][s in an advanced class i had for a couple hours a day. I'm one of those MECC kids. Anway, I guess I've always had the hacker mentality. I didn't start to really pursue it utnil 1996. I was watching MTV and their was some Hacker special on there, even though looking back they weren't hackers at all. After watching that I just started doing a lot of reading and researching. I started playing with phones back in the late 80s, but really didn't get the fever.
  16. The backwards thing was right out in the open, but whats up with the thing with all the numbers? He goes on to say that the person saying 6 sounds like him, but the person that says Zero sounds like Lucky225 to me.
  17. You need a different version / upgrade to read mpeg-2 files in virtualdub.
  18. I call in now and then and listen. Always a little weird. You should start podcasting it, if someone hasn't started already.
  19. Just set up a shoutcast server and use NSV tools from Nullsoft to set up a shoutcast tv station of whatever you have your tv tuner set to. Then "they" will get a really good quality tv.
  20. You shouldn't really refer to H.264 as mov. I was referring to it as mov because thats the container that QuickTime uses when you convert to H.264. As in I was going to use QuickTime to encode my dv video into H.264 which would have put it in a mov container. Is there a way to encode to H.264 with VirtualDUB and an AVI container? Cypress I think you can with the x264 project over at Its what they use in the latest version of VNC Player to play H.264 files. Edit: Just tested and yes it works. Even able to play H.264 files in other players now such as Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic.
  21. You shouldn't really refer to H.264 as mov.
  22. I'm waiting for: Google Reality See what the world is really searching for. Porn
  23. 319

    Whatever happen to Westdale Mall? That still around? I'm in the 319 atleast for the summer.
  24. I've played with that one in the past.
  25. Nice little app for those running linux and want to do video editing.