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  1. Thats a sweet find.
  2. Dry counties. I got to experience those while in Arkansas once. Its kind of a dumb idea. You have these accidents on the highways between a dry county and one that isn't. lol @ bible belt.
  3. $180 for a set of 100.
  4. When I was at Defcon 13 (2005) there was a bunch of different people who had that same business card. Its not unique to Kevin Mitnick.
  5. Really can't stress enough that if you wan to try to install OSX x86 on a PC don't expect it to become your main OS. Its just not there yet.
  6. I saw it awhile ago on Natas's site.
  7. Sounds good. :voteyes:
  8. I tested it this last summer. Ended up working and booting pretty fast, but I couldn't get 3D acceleration to work with my card. It booted really fast, but wasn't the most stable enough to use nothing but OS X. I've since bought a macbook pro and I'm not looking back.
  9. Seal is teh big brother.
  10. Not bad for the basic web site or mirror. If you plan on running anything that uses MySQL you should consider a different host. When i played with them their MySQL severs weren't running locally, and were soooooo sssssllllllooooowwwww. You get what you pay for.
  11. ftw Actually, I don't know if this is true or not I just remember hearing it once, Adbrite was actually started by AVNads, or owns AVNads. If thats true then they have their hands in the pr0n industry, which is the real money-maker on the net.
  12. Yeah what is the status on this? I know Droops is probably a busy man especially since he is about to be a Daddy, but from what I could tell it seems like a simple cron job to update hackermedia with the latest feeds only at certain times of the day would have fixed the problem. I could be wrong. Hope it comes back soon. I miss it.
  13. 1003 4508 4419 7628 U20P-100015-001505 1011 9554 8820 0387 U20P-100043-002551 1005 3268 9061 7624 U20P-100021-002265 1016 5807 3160 5160 U20P-100059-000804 1019 8055 4008 9322 U20P-100070-000052 1019 5333 0381 1229 U20P-100069-000330 1018 6173 2811 9911 U20P-100066-000170 1011 1903 7477 3199 U20P-100041-000900 Some card numbers I found from a google search. For those of you who don't know, the numbers you enter on screen end right before where it says "U20P". U stands for United States 20 is because they are $20 cards, and P is Points one can assume. One thing I do know is that Nintendo reps are able to tell that a card has been used, what nintendo console (serial number) activated it, what IP, and a general location based on the IP.
  14. I attempted to SE some Wii points the other night, just to kind of learn more. I'm not going to make the results public just yet. I'm still researching.
  15. For the green theme it would be cool to use that binrev logo that people voted on. For example:
  17. I like the idea of selling items to generate revenue, but I know it takes money to get things like that started. Also, there is no real guarantee that people will be interested. One idea that I have, is similar to what Rant Radio was doing for NewsReal, is to give people an option to donate. Set up a PayPal for donations. Then every week on the radio show give special shout outs to everyone who has donated. There also might be some hosting company start-up out there willing to just give you a dedicated server, with the specs you want, in exchange for a pimp on every show. It seems like / BRR has enough hits / listeners in a month to be able to approach a hosting company with that kind of proposal. Also is a PR6 site and has an Alexa ranking of 58,537, which a start-up hosting company would love to have a text link on. If this was an option you're interested in going with you could put it out there to the listeners to help find a hosting company willing to make a deal like this.
  18. Well, no official response, but we can assume they know and will be recording the episode differently next week. I brought up the episode 180 problems shortly after the release in the irc channel a bunch of people were talking about it. The last 2 episodes aren't bad, just a little awkward listening to. There are moments where all you hear is Black Ratchet breathing kind of heavy, its like an Engima song.
  19. There were 2 different Dumpster Diving shows on RantTV. The first one, Divers, they only ran for a little while because the quality was low and they were expecting to receive a second episode. They explained that on an episode of Rant Speak. The other Dumpster Diving show was in rotation for a long time, was mostly about diving for food.
  20. Yeah I noticed it too. Episode 180 has a lot of problems.
  21. DRM Video..... 9 times out of 10 its Porn.
  22. I've been in situations in the past where that site actually helped me out a lot. It's been posted here before, years ago, probably back when the forums were on Doesn't hurt to keep that one fresh.
  23. That reminds me: Whitesword Christmas It should have been called a Cut and Paste Remix because his original acapella was really fast and off tempo. Thats why it sounds like of robotic. I think it was made last year.