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  1. I'd like to download RFA 02 but the link in the archives doesn't work.
  2. Well... He really is somebody who "has been in the dark".
  3. I love RFA too. Now I also have a complete archive.
  4. I saw a thing on TechTV about this about a year ago. Too bad its not just a standard for all writers to have that feature. I remember hearing something about a project people were working on so that a lot of CD writers could draw pictures or atleast do designs. I think the only catch was that the CD writer had to be able do stop and continue during a write process. I forget what that feature is called.
  5. I just went to my first 2600 meeting this week too. It was Iowa's very first 2600 metting and about 25 people showed up. It went really well and we talked about a lot of stuff. Everybody is already looking forward to the next one.
  6. If I remember right I think Pepsi had already filmed a comercial with Ludacris and word got out. Bill O'Reilly from Fox News Channel ended up going off about the whole thing on this show. Its the highest rated news / debate show on cable so he was able to turn some heads. He went off on this whole thing about how Ludacris is just a thug and a bad role model for children. It caused a big uproar and Pepsi dropped Ludacris a couple days afterwards. Bill O'Reilly is kind of a hypocrite. He thinks Ludacris is a bad role model but on his show he said that he didn't see anything wrong with them using Britney Spears. People can argue that Britney is a bad influence on young women. Pepsi then does a comercial with Ozzy and the media doesn't seem to care. Its not like they would have some uncensored Ludacris pepsi comercial on tv. I think its just all BS. Bill O'Reilly just doesn't understand hip hop culture and thinks its all about being a thug and disrespecting women. I'm sure he thinks hackers are criminals too.
  7. Hello... I've been reading the forums for quite some time and never really had much to say. I figured I would let you all know about the recent happenings here at my college (Iowa State). Iowa State has a campus network like most colleges. Everyone living in the dorms gets access to it. A couple years ago a student created a program that scans the entire network and indexes all the shared files. A database of all the shared files was created everyday and there was a website students could go to and search the network. Its called Strangesearch and its actually open source and on sourceforge. Strangesearch was mentioned once on Slashdot awhile back as well. The Iowa State network had a large number of mp3s, movies, and software. A lot of the stuff is copyrighted and a lot of it isn't. This last week a number of students who were sharing a large ammount of stuff had their rooms raided by the campus police (DPS). DPS took computers, DVDs and CDs from one of the students I know. He was sharing comercial games and DVD rips on the network. I can understand why he was busted. The DPS also raided rooms that had the servers running Network indexers such as Strangesearch. Like I said before, these indexers do nothing but search the IP range(s) for the network looking for shared files. It creates a database of the shared files for easy searching. People can then go to the indexer's website and search for a file. If the file is found they get a url to the shared file. Example : \\Host\RFA34.mp3 I just don't see what laws a indexer could be breaking. A lot of other students feel the same way and there is a large protest that is supposed to happen tomorrow on campus. Students will be protesting DPS taking the indexing servers. Whats next? Are they going to take all the windows systems on campus because of the Find Files feature? Some students use Find Files on the Network instead of an indexer. The indexers are a better option because all the files available are already indexed. The college has no rules prohibiting students from running servers in their dorms. I have a linux box under my desk that hosts my website. I'm just posting this here to get your reactions. Do you think its right for them to take the servers that run Strangesearch? sorry about the rant and any spelling errors.
  8. As you can imagine there has been a lot of talk about the people getting busted around campus. A friend of mine who goes to University of Iowa even heard about it. At University of Iowa a student set up a network indexer of his own. It was called Hawkseach. This week the University of Iowa forced the student to shut down Hawksearch. This is from the Daily Iowan (UofI's newspaper): UI hammers HawkSearch founder By Annie Shuppy -- The Daily Iowan UI officials shut down a student-run file-sharing program Monday afternoon, warning that the Web site's creator could face a number of possible consequences, including being dismissed from the university. UI freshman Jeff Nylen, the founder of HawkSearch, was called into a half-hour meeting Tuesday with officials from Information Technology Services and Residence Life to discuss policy violations and consequences for his actions. Nylen contends that when he contacted ITS with questions about regulations, including whether someone possessing internal bandwidth for sharing files would be penalized, he was told internal bandwidth would not be penalized. But when he relayed that information to ITS officials Tuesday, Nylen said, they told him it was not true. He could not say who first told him he would not be penalized for using UI bandwidth. The Sioux City native will learn within the next few days if he will be expelled from the university. In September 2002, Nylen launched HawkSearch from his Mayflower Residence Hall room, allowing the university's 5,600 dorm residents to search, share, and download files from inside the university's computer network at faster speeds. The Web site,, had approximately 1,500 visitors and averaged 30,000 hits every day before being closed Monday -- the same day a profile of Nylen and HawkSearch ran in The Daily Iowan. Jane Drews, an ITS security officer, said her decision to shut down HawkSearch was not influenced by the article, explaining that a party within the university filed a complaint about the site last week. An investigation ensued, and Nylen's connection was shut down Jan. 31, she said. The site was closed based on a number of ResNet Acceptable Use Policy Violations, including illegal sharing of copyrighted material, Drews said. The policy states that a ResNet subscriber is responsible for all activity originating from her or his connection and that subscribers should not engage in activities that consume excessive bandwidth. It also states that subscribers may not use the ResNet connection to participate in illegal activities such as software piracy -- either the distribution of copyrighted software or illegal attainment of software or other copyrighted materials -- from the residence-hall connection. "Our responsibility is to take action when illegal activity comes to our attention," she said. The investigation is ongoing. Nylen said he received no prior warnings from ITS about HawkSearch and that although he was aware of some of the ResNet policies, he was not informed about all of them. The engineering student also said he did not realize the consequences were so severe. Officials cited policies that prohibit linking a Web address to a university IT address, running servers, running chat rooms, and running businesses as reasons for HawkSearch's termination. Nylen said he was not profiting from his site and that the university is not handling his violations in a standard manner. "I think it's making a special case of me," he said. "I didn't think it was so serious; [the university] pulled up every little detail it possibly could." David Coleman, an assistant director of Residence Life, said he could not comment specifically on the case. However, he said his office will take corrective actions when ResNet Policies are violated by the transfer of copyright material. "Copyright is a federal law, and that's stealing," he said. "It's in place so people can protect themselves." A first-time offender would likely receive a warning with probation, but some students may not take those warnings to heart, and sometimes misconduct requires stricter punishment, Coleman said. "If something is severe enough that it [warrants] a different level of discipline, we will refer it to the next level, such [as] the dean of students," he said. UI freshman Matthew Gunn, Nylen's suite-mate, said he has tried to be supportive of Nylen as he faces disciplinary action. "He acts a little different," Gunn said. "He knows he could only be here one more week." Gunn said he is more apprehensive about file sharing after hearing about the disciplinary action Nylen faces. "It makes me worried," he said. "What else can they do?" E-mail DI reporter Annie Shuppy at: --------------------- That news is from You would think that their ITS department would know the difference between a file sharing application and a network indexer. I wish the kid would stand up for whats right.
  9. I figured I would mention that I'm an art student majoring in multimedia design. I could probably do some art or animation for the show.
  10. Yeah... I'm sorry about posting that and having it turn out to be fake the very next day. On the campus network there isn't much available for download anymore. There are alot of people afraid to share anything. There was a thing about it in the paper today. The college apparently has been under pressure by the RIAA and the MPAA. Strangesearch and Strangetalk lost a lot of users because of their lame shit. I still share my personal archive of RFA on the network.
  11. Late last night the students who run Strangesearch posted to the forums that they run (Strangetalk). They came clean and said that they made up the story about their server being taken. They didn't think it was going to go as far as people organizing a protest. :mumble:
  12. I just read this today...