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  1. Another reason why i should pick up an iPhone or iPod Touch. I'd have some fun hacking together something to get shoutcast support
  2. Very nice, it worked when i tried it.
  3. I think this would be one of most recent Thats not him. There are some old clips of him in this documentary:
  4. I could have swore he mentioned that both of his parents have passed away on one of his installments of Stories and Stuff.
  5. Age 5. During playtime in kindergarten class I figured out how to play the melody on the teacher's piano that signaled all the kids that it was time to stop playing and to sit in our assigned spots on the "magic carpet".
  6. Probably just a pun / play on words. On a side note, Emmanuel did always act like if it wasn't at the hotel pen than they jsut wouldn't have it. I understand its cheap, but i've heard people say they wish it was somewhere else that wasn't such a dive.
  7. There is an episode in the past where this is discussed. I believe when Stankdawg is hosting the show he just has a microphone next to a speaker phone, which is what Dual said he used for recording RFA. Then just record it in an audio editor such as Audacity or Sound Forge. Add music, convert to mp3. upload. That is just one method, there are many others.
  8. Probably not.
  9. Racking your brain over a 3D animation? Hit me up on PM. I can easily put something together for you.
  10. I used to have some for US Cellular, need to find my phreak notebook.
  11. Do whatever you like. The best thing that could happen is the first one sucking and people criticizing it. You'll jut get better and better.
  12. DeCSS all over again.
  13. That'll be a fun trip. Hope to see some new videos from you soon.
  14. Looks like fun. /me kicks self for missing another Notacon
  15. Even though you can just put a favicon.ico in your directory, the more standards compliant way is to have this in the code of all your pages. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" /> <link rel="icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />
  16. I'd hate to sound cliché, but one of the best methods of protection is to not run an insecure OS. Or less of an insecure OS I should say.
  17. You can get it to run and it'll boot fast, but once you're running it don't expect the greatest performance. You'll still end up needing to use windows for productivity. Applications crash all the time. I ended up just buying a MacBook Pro and using bootcamp. The best way to have both OSX and Windows without a lack of performance.
  18. If your seeking knowledge you're already on the right track. Just keep learning.
  19. For some reason this was on the news here in Puerto Rico.
  20. Its just the same basic design with the listings code taken form
  21. Woot. Stank goes solo. Nothing wrong with that for an episode. :voteyes:
  22. After a 8 month wait its finally here.
  23. No problems for me, just noticed your ads are not targeted very well today. Other days they seem to be better.
  24. Doesn't hurt to listen to old episodes of Hackermind or RFA while waiting for a new BRR. A lot of the newer people around here don't know that Hackermind inspired RFA and you could probably say Hackermind and RFA inspired BRR.
  25. There was a bunch of these on digg last year if I remember. Videos and top ten lists. They'll all probably pop up again.