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  1. Does anyone have experience with SeLinux Policies. I'm having a hard time writing policies. I'm getting this error from allow2audit allow named_t port_t:udp_socket name_bind; I am running EnGarde Linux with bind9. I get this error when I try to lookup a domain outside of my network. I've been trying to figure this out all day. I found some websites that have some information but I am unable to get it to work. http://wiki.engardelinux.org/index.php/Tro...hooting_SELinux http://www.linuxsecurity.com/content/view/120837/49/ WethCR
  2. I know it will be attacked because it is a competition we are having at school. They have a bunch of Pen Tester's come in and try to break into our networks. It is a capture the flag type setup but we are on defense only, we are not allowed to attack the pentesteers on any level. We have 4 boxes and we need a Web, DNS, CVS(Subversion), RDP, IDS, and a Firewall. We wil also be supplied a Kiosk machine that will access the SVN box via SSH. dinscurge: I did see those as well, it was more of a question to ask what have people used before, and what seems the easiest. I have set up a DNS server in OpenSuSe and EnGarde. I prefer EnGarde, I was just wondering if anyone had any input on which way I should be leaning from a security standpoint. I do not know much about Linux Security and that is why I am doing this competition so I can learn, I am not asking for any config files just a few tips or tricks anyone might have to help me get up and running faster. Thanks, WethCR
  3. Does anyone know of any secure linux distro's that have an easily configured Bind DNS Caching server and IDS server? Not average security, above and beyond the typical. It is going to be the center of a network that will be attacked for about 12 hours straight. I've looked at a few. Engarde Secure Linux and Opensuse 11 are the two main I have been looking at. Any suggestions would be great.
  4. I was just wondering about buying cheap processors instead of buying a thousand dollar processor. I was hoping to get the power of these cores to run games faster. It was just a thought and it would be a neat project for me.
  5. I did some searching and found an old thread about it and found this. It has a link to a tutorial for linux, but i was looking for something about windows. I was hoping XP... from what i've read on google, server 2003 is capable but i couldn't really find anything about XP. Does anyone know anything about this or does anyone have experience doing this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Wethcr
  6. So i've been saving up for a new computer and finally hit the 2,500$ mark. I'm looking for something with good overclocking capabilities. I've been looking on Tiger and am curious about DDR3. Does anyone have any knowledge of the stuff. I know its fairly new to the ram market and thats all I know. I was looking at the ASUS Maximus Extreme and the E6850. Supposedly able to be overlocked to 3.95. I'm just wondering what every ones opinion on this stuff is
  7. Me and a neighbor in my apartment complex both have a 10 Mbps internet. I'm wondering if there is a program to combine the two connections into one and have 20 Mbps. I don't know if this even possible i read something about it a while back. Thought id ask about it because it would be really nice to have. i don't know the enough about combining bandwidth to know if its even possible. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If not maybe it would be a neat project we could set up.
  8. For a case study in class I was given approval to scan my campus network for vulnerabilities. For some reason the network admin put all of the computers on a single subnet, so I can scan all computers on the network. Is there a program that scans all of the computers and lists the OS and ports open on the computers? this is purely for education and I was given permission.
  9. So after purchasing my dell I found out that they only have an expresscard slot... Since this is still a very new thing does anyone know if there are any good cards for wardriving? I've been looking around and have only found like 2 or 3. Just wondering if It's worth buying a PCMIA adapter or if a card is out? Thanks, Wethcr88
  10. How far duz it get int that 10 seconds? does it finishing POST? Or if ur running XP duz it get to the loading screen? Have u recently edited to ur BIOS? There are many possibilities that this could be. Could you give us some more details? Thanks Wethcr
  11. where would I find these compatibility lists. I can get a copy of OS X from my school tech office. I've read reports that the standard I6400 should work. But I upgrade the processor to a T7200 and got the faster ram.
  12. I can get a copy from my school.
  13. So I just got my new laptop and I want to dual boot between vista and Mac OS X. I've been doing some research so I know its possible, I have an Inspiron 6400. If ne1 has any experience with this I'd really like some input on what I need to do to do this. I've read some tutorials and they're all different. And I'd have to resize my Vista partition and a new one. Does any know of a freeware program that does this? Thanks, Wethcr
  14. What type of ISP do you have? If it's cable (which is what i have) just unplug your router and plug it straight into your computer and let it register your mac. You should get a new IP. Then just switch back to your router and that should change again. Hope this helps. I only know that this works on my motorola surfboard. Make sure they don't have a mac filter. Otherwise youll hafta call and register your mac with them manually. I used to do this all the time just call and they were very helpful. Although if it is a truly static IP you'll hafta call your ISP. Wethcr
  15. Whats the difference between shared and non shared memory? Shared memory wiki I think that this says that in shared meomry the cpu uses ram. Am I right? If I'm right then is Non-share memory that much of an improvement? If I'm wrong can someone please correct me. Thanks wethcr