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  1. HackaDay did something on this http://www.hackaday.com/2007/01/20/make-your-own-laptop/ but it is pretty much what Bigbrother said.
  2. No way! He got your IP?! I guess Im still not a hacker....
  3. How did u get a picture of my current computer in you sig?! ;)

  4. Aliens replaced your hard drive with thiers and it had data from the future that we couldnt decode and some classics from the 80's-90's like pong or asteroid.
  5. So did that help you or do you need something else?
  6. Yes, here is one i just found. You really have to google things first. http://www.willselfdestruct.com/secure/submit
  7. I use a put them in a static bag and then on a cd rack.
  8. If you really want to get rid of it put it in the microwave and watch all the blue sparks ark off it. Thats is the best
  9. Ok im uber noob how do you get ps first lvl? :help: Plz Help
  10. I have to write a speech how hacking got a bad name, and defend the hacking comunite of its name. Any suggestions?
  11. My mistake misread thread.
  12. I use a combination: Adaware se CCleaner Spybot Search and Destroy All opensource
  13. THANK YOU so much...if i was using windows for some odd reason...
  14. So how would i go about puting the live version on? They said it should work.....but they havnt done it yet. :help:
  15. Is it possible to put ubuntu on a flash drive and boot off the flash drive(1gb or less)? I have done little googling but not much. Please Help