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  1. fc7

    Sounds like you have a bad DVD. You if you downloaded it you should run md5sum and compare the check sum(to the one one the website). If that doesnt work(or if you have a "offical" DVD) then your probably are haveing hardware issues. My question is does it just hang there after saying: OK...... Uncompressing Kernel Or does the screen go black and then it hangs there? If it goes black you might want to try some boot options like "xdrvr=vesa" im just swinging out there(and probably missing) but give it a shot. But i am really leaning for the bad install DVD(you got to make sure that it wasnt corrupted DVDs are frickin huge file transfers and sometimes get corrupt) Hope that helps, Logic
  2. Hey, i wasnt going to say anything, but I just cant help it... VB=McProgrammer Save yourself while you still can!!! I recomend yoru only cure is to think of Margret Thatcher on a COLD COLD ICE CODE day until you forget you ever thought of the evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil words... visual... basic... But seriously do NOT waste your time with this all it is going to do is cause bad habbits and make things harder to understand. Thanks my 2.333 repeating cents L0gic
  3. I hate to tell you this, but the thought of emacs hurts me more then the staring into the sun. Why dont you try it with Vi? The road to salvation is quick my friend, there is still time to save your soul, woe to un thee the feable emacs users. For true joy can only be found through the superior VI editor. Peace, logic PS. Just wondering on a slight serious note, do you use lisp often? (This message is sponcered by the Cult of Vi)
  4. Hey man, try this link, its under linux, but meh you shouldnt have a problem: http://polishlinux.org/howtos/truecrypt-howto peace
  5. Hey man, what you need is to have a loop back encrypted file system. For this task you will need truecrypt or dm-crypt or another open/closed source alternitve... Let google be your guide, there are plenty, and i mean plenty of walkthroughs. Peace, logic
  6. Another thing you should do is write some scripts(doesnt matter in what) to parse your logs from everything to incorrect logins to failed ssh attemps and so on. You can then set them up as cron jobs so you dont have to go through massive ammounts of data to see what is happening on your machine. O'Reilly has some good bocks on this topic(as they have good books on almost anything you can think of) There some good online guides for this too, yet I cant remember them at this time... If they come to me I'll post them up for you. While on the subject of parsing logs I should also suggest using a intrusion detection system such as Snort. I have even seem some people(not sure how well it worked for them) set up TCPSpy and configure it just to log 'suppicious' activity. Hope that helps a tad.
  7. Then why dont you try it and find out? That is why you are posting on a hacking forum right? To learn things on your own and gain more knowledge as oposed to waiting for someone else to do it first... Or am I just speculating to much?
  8. I dont think you understand the entire idea of having a root accout is stopping you form getting PWNED EVERYWAY BUT DOWN. Example: attacker goes to steal you session... and then... and then... oh now hes rooted you Example: attacker goes for a home dir attack(putting a executable file in the home dir that has the same name as a commonly used tool like 'ls') but when you log in as root and run ls the attackers code now runs with the UID 0(aka root) Example: you go to a web site with malious code... because you are logged in as root... need I go on? Part of the reason why windows is so innatly insecure is because of the massive ammount of access a user gets. For example any user on WinXP with a non limited access account can just run: 'net user Administrator NEWPASSWORD' and presto you just like that you changed the admin account. I hope this helps you see some of the reason why you never LOGIN AS ROOT. In fact on all my boxen I have root login disabled via SSH and via any TTY thus forcing 'sudo' or 'su' If you have trouble not logging in as root I suggest you get in the habbit of using 'sudo' instead of just 'su' all the time. Peace
  9. arewhyainn, I wasnt going to post anything here, but why do you hate user accouts so much? The entire reason for there being a root accout on *nix systems is so you can have a multiuser enviroment without having to worry about people "running bad" commands that could take down the entire system. Looking at your files i would do a file system check stat and then take it from there. hope that sheds some light