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  1. yeah LOD .. i read alot about them. and MOD. good stuff.
  2. awesome i am glad it still around. time to learn.
  3. [preetie good metaphor . lol
  4. right. i am interesting in making my own back up copies. Learn how they work, instead of using programs. Thanks for all the help though.
  5. "no self respecting computer hacker would ever destroy anything." "no hacker would ever purposely hurt the fone system" If you get inside a system with no motive to destroy it, but to explore it. You can be a hacker. Or tries to break into "unknown" computers to figure out how they work. BUT THEN. lol what happens if you know how to give your self free text messaging forever??????Obv. though some things are illegal. like hacking verizon. (example) A cracker is the line where you destroy things basically.
  6. hey fellas, I was just reading about phone systems and how people use to war dail with there old modems etc.. Reading so many stories, and it got me very intersted. BUT obviously there is no more war dailing etc.. not much trashing through garbage cans etc... what are phone systems like now?
  7. I was reading a old book on kids who "made copies" of old software like on floppies. They found out it was using error 23 22 or 29 and by reading the code they were able to make it work. I am not looking to crack and leave things disturbed. I am more intereted how the NEW cd and software tricks work.? what kind of blocking is used? Just some knowledge. thanks guys #like how the forum design looks now by the way lol**
  8. yeah i know. here is what i did 1) formatted drive to FAT 2) unzipped the contents of to my flash drive 3) inside the flash drive root i selected make-boot 4) make-boot creates ldlinux.sys then the program ends
  9. it just doesn't work for some reason. The make boot files are created and says to reboot the system with USB. I do that but it doesn't load.
  10. hey thanks for the replies guys
  11. thanks whats your directions?
  12. hey.. i notice that ubuntu only has a WEP encrpytion for routers. I need WPA. Any tips? thanks fellas
  13. just won't boot. I did something wrong with putting things on my flash key. do i need to put the linux OS like .iso on the key? then the files that the tutorial says?
  14. okay I got slax to work but sadly i did not have a big enough flash key :blowfuse: . So, I am doing this 512mb one I follow everything but it is just not working (i can boot of a usb in the BIOS menu) thanks for the patients (i been asking this for 2 days. )
  15. hey thanks. I will try to get it to work this time.