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  1. If you have access to memory (providing there's not a memory manager locking you out) you can push code into a location and run it.... you might need to write a NAND flash driver but that's possible too. Mungewell.
  2. Whoops... looks like someone forgot to do the 'production' build. Good for the hackers I guess :-) Mungewell.
  3. You can also use a Cable-TV card in you PC, but be aware that many cable providers wrap the Free-View-Channels up in their encryption scheme. Look for the phrase 'clear-qam'. If you have decent local Over-the-air broadcast you could get a basic selection of channels via an aerial. Mungewell.
  4. Link2Voip is a pre-pay service; DIDs at $10 per month for unlimited incoming, or $2.49 per month plus 1.1ยข/minute. Munge
  5. Tried 700-555-4141 on my work line (VoIP internal then out on partial-T1) and my personal VoIP provider ( Work: 'Thank you for using Rogers' VoIP: 'You are about to start an echo test...' Mungewell.
  6. Ahh... you're running VMPlayer, I'm running VMServer. So it may only be available under server, which is also downloadable at no-cost. Munge.
  7. AFAIK the virtual serial ports are only to connect to/from the host machine and the VMWARE client machine. I did use a app for bonding/looping back serial ports (which would run on the host machine), but can't remember the name of it at the moment. What you probably want to do is use the 'virtual network editor' and set a network segment that only the 2 virtual machines are operating on. This way they can scan/probe each other without affecting the host machine, or other real machines on your LAN. Cheers, Mungewell.
  8. It missed the question - "which package manager do you prefer?" and suggested my old crap hardware might be too slow for Debian/Ubuntu/etc.... Sorry if I'm a 'Deb' zellot, I got badly burned by 'RPM' a (fair) while ago and am too stubbon to change/give it a second chance. Munge.
  9. Cool... Like the 'Old School' look :-)
  10. Apparently CUDA is coming to X86 architecture too... whilst a mainboard processor might not be as powerful it should enable easier adoption of CUDA as a programming platform. Mungewell.
  11. Every so often I browse for tips on improving my command line skills.
  12. Kind of a side step, by I meant to write this up somewhere: I managed to get a cheap PCIe x16 GFX card ($25 8600GS) working in a modified PCIe x1 socket with some 'hardware' skills. Relevant here because this card is CUDA capable, and I intend to do some stuff with it a later time.
  13. So it'll be pretty obvious that I'm about 3 weeks behind in my Podcast listening; but I enjoyed this reading of the 'A Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace' (which I had not heard before) and thought that others here would too. Enjoy, Mungewell.
  14. It may be possible to 'pretend to be' a Wiimote, however it may be hard as the console might attempted to read all sorts of trival parameters from the remote (such as reading the camera data) which wouldn't normally be required for your application. Faking up the BlueTooth interface on Linux should be fairly trival, however the devil is in the detailed operation. So far the best resource I have found is the WiiBrew site: Cheers, Mungewell (who is currently trying to get a Logitech Wii Steering wheel working with his PC)
  15. My Laptop's Intel card (82852/855GM) is a nightmare under 10.04, practically unusable - not that it helps you... I'm just bitching. You could drop to using the VESA driver, but would loose all the 3D acceleration. I find that my display is only flickery at particular resolutions (using the VGA output), so you could try alternates screen sizes. Simon