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  1. A savings account shouldn't be tied to a debit card anyways, that's for a checking account.
  2. Not to mention that English is probably your 3rd language. After what? Meowish and Barkspeak? Yif should be somewhere around there too. Regardless, you're still a furry.
  3. Not only because you are a furry, but also because of this: Not to mention that English is probably your 3rd language.
  4. I'll try the first method if it happens again, right now I am thinking that there were just too many TCP connections overall. Thanks.
  5. I had more issues with GAIM, but I'm beginning to think I had too many half-open TCP connections allowed (100) and that, mixed with unlimited connections on a number of large torrents, AIM, and other programs could have possibly caused the instability. I'm playing with settings and seeing what happens.
  6. This just started happening today, after having to completely format and reload my Windows drive because the install got corrupted (it started rebooting on its own and I was having tons of other issues, none to do with spyware or anything) last week, this starts happening. After a short while AIM will crash. Killing the process does nothing, as the buddy list and any related windows are still there. After a short while, this behavior extends to another window and/or windows itself, preventing me from interacting at all with my desktop (via keyboard and mouse), to the point where I can do absolutely nothing. This always starts with AIM, and I've even upgraded my client but that hasn't helped. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  7. They aren't ever prosecuted in a criminal court in the US, ever notice that? Nearly all cases in the US have been civil with no criminal pursuit. As I see it, that is the most interesting aspect of all these cases.
  8. That's because you didn't use a banlist.
  9. PLA

    Yeah, because it isn't about the PLA at all.
  10. 99% I'd say PC admin.
  11. Hahahahahaha. Start>Run>cmd.exe
  12. Came in here to say the same. It couldn't find anything for the first band I searched.
  13. PLA

    Can I bid on one of the children from the children's parade? I think credit for that one goes to murd0c, he has the perfect pedo voice.
  14. As long as there are TNIs and linemen there will always be beige boxing. I've heard red boxing does in fact still work in some areas, but YMMV.
  15. If remember correctly PM can merge partitions as well.