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  1. "I see what you did there" most certainly. Back to the weather chick.
  2. Yeah. You've got some weird syntax. Google for CSS cheat sheets. Invaluable resources and I'm sure by now there are dozens of em. Print them out, post them by your wall. It's incredible how much they help. Don't do CSS for 6 months? Looking at that cheat sheet to refresh you will bring you back up to speed in 5 minutes.
  3. I'm hoping for it to be Linux/BSD, but if there's a better solution that works with windows, heck I can install that too. I've never tried running a honeypot before so I can't wait to get started. The main purpose of this honeypot will be for botnet analysis, so anything I choose has to be oriented that way. Possibly malware collection as well. I was looking at nepenthes, but a lot of malware are starting to pick up on 'anti-sandboxing' techniques. So.. any thoughts? There's a lot of honeypots out there.. low interaction and high interaction. Whatever I choose, I want to gear it towards efficient botnet analysis. Thanks fellas
  4. I'm starting up a VM, and I'm wondering which tools I should use to get started on something like this. The VM will be Windows XP, obviously I've looked at the Sysinternals suite, and I've already marked that down on the list. What else would be good to include? Wireshark... Sysinsternals... not sure where else to go.. Anyone have any recommendations/tools/techniques? Thanks
  5. I wonder how quickly it will take for 'TrainReq' to get sued.
  6. At practically every intersection in Vancouver, we have multiple strange looking devices on each post and streelight. We also have CCTV everywhere. WELL IT SUCKS. Half of those strange devices are involved in E-COMM though. Basically providing the wide area radio network for the police which includes GPS, Secure radio, intarnetz, etc..
  7. You always have the best projects. By the way, I hope it can support your weight When you think it's ready, you have to ask yourself this question. 'Would I trust this bar not to break while hanging over a den of alligators?'
  8. I've got pretty much everything in place for analyzing suspicious exe's through Vmware and such... I thought about it and I really have no way to test for suspicious and malicious sites. For sandboxing, and containing the 'maliciousness', i'll probably use vmware with any tools that you guys recommend for checking these sites out. Thanks
  9. Not only was the accent difficult to understand, but they didn't master the audio properly.. making it even worse. The first 10 minutes was a major rant about monotheism. Then we get into a dark room with a couple of incredibly bad actors. Then they start talking about Microsoft and it's business practices. Nice. *sarcasm* I couldn't watch past 15 minutes.. way too mediocre. The cinematography was decent in some parts, and then questionable in others. The thing that killed it most for me was the acting. I'm not going to say they did a good job because of the money. You can have a good film with or without the money, so that's no excuse. I didn't enjoy this one. :S
  10. WTF I'm sure we all remember this fellow from a little while ago. The blind teenaged phreaking legend. *sarcastic bow* Glad he finally got busted for swatting.
  11. Nice to see you around RoMeO That is definitely the best feature about DarkMindz. The articles.
  12. Or you just send the ISP a bogus 512(h) subpoena. That could work too You can also impersonate law enforcement personnel from some random not too well known country. These really aren't very legal though. As well, I'm sure you could think of a dozen social engineering tactics to get that info as well, or even have someone on the inside and pay them a small bit if you're going to do it frequently.
  13. Nice! Looks great, especially the youtube video!
  14. That is so incredible! You are very fortunate. THIEF GOT PWNED.
  15. It sounds like you got suckered in. The video really IS only 13 seconds of playtime. The rest is just garbage. Domplayer is spyware. DONT DO IT MAN. If you've already downloaded 'cracks' for it, you're probably already infested with trojans.
  16. I've been studying Ham Radio for a few days now, but I'm getting a little confused with the terminology. I thought it would be nice to have a scanner to pick up signals from about 30mhz - 1000mhz. This is what a scanner does. But I'd also like to transmit on those frequencies, so I don't think that's what a scanner does. So then I looked up a 'mobile transceiver' which looks like it does both. But there is also a 'mobile two way radio' which looks like it does both as well. What am I looking for here, and what is the difference between the three?
  17. You could probably access it from: http://localhost/pic.html For outside users to access your Webserver you will have to forward port 80 on your router.
  18. You can't. But it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words, and while set-ups are sure to happen, the conflict is between Anon and the CoS. The media isn't quite likely to get it, as aren't the masses, but again that's not all that important. As long as the CoS shakes, no matter what they try to do to make Anon look bad, Anon is still winning, getting closer to their goal. At least they way I'm seeing it. Also, you better be there tomorrow.
  19. Ever since the days of Switchblade, I've been waitin for this.
  20. So... this has happened to my friend, and also to me.. it's happened to him more recently, so I'll explain his situation: TCP and UDP scanning his external IP from internally brings down connections to the outside. All existing connections stay open, but new ones refuse to connect. All connections internally still work however. It takes about 5 minutes once the entire network is down for it to come back up again. This has happened to me before, and I wasn't scanning my external IP from inside. I DO remember hearing once that scanning your external IP internally just doesn't work, but I'm not sure. Why is this happening?
  21. Why would it have that effect on the entire network though?
  22. I'm epic tired of transporting files around my LAN with USB drives. I just need a simple, efficient, easy to use, and especially secure method of transporting files to and fro my different computers. Two Macs, 10.2 and 10.4 I believe, and an XP machine. I'm hoping that I don't have to keep up an extra machine 24/7 to facilitate this. Thanks!
  23. No kidding. I'd love to attend, but... it's so expensive.
  24. Errr.. is this not a parody site? Hugs for hackers in rehab. <Either I cannot spell or I am so unoriginal that I re-used a lame internet meme that has no value whatsoever to these forums and have been wordfiltered>.
  25. I've had a recent interest in these.. I thought unless you were a root DNS server that you could not make changes to specific entries. Normal DNS servers run by ISP's are supposed to be Caching-only DNS servers. Then how do people get rogue DNS servers working? I've read quite a bit about them, but fail to see any proper implementation of them. Can they be run by let's say.. making a few configuration changes to BIND? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.