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  1. 2 things. 1. What he said ^ Everyobody has a facebospace these days, If your looking for information on someone it's a virtual goldmine. 2. You live in midlothian? small world. Freakishly small o.0
  2. That's really quite a cool project, I've never kept such close track but always found the hours I sleep goes along a roughly similar path. I normally vary from getting up at 7:30 to 11am and very little of it depends on the time I go to bed. (around 2).
  3. Just wondering, i have a wireless network card capable of sniffing traffic etc in linux. my question is: Can this be done using a virtual machine? I dont imagine it's just a case of using a bridged network in windows. for bonus points: Can anyone point me to some good reading material on networking with Virtual Machines? Many Thanks Gooddeed
  4. check out iron geeks site theres one you can download there in the apps/scripts section. ( played around with it and works pretty nicely.
  5. Maybe just ask people to click the adds to support the site. You could make a target of how much to make and keep a counter on your page, And ask people to visit the site and click a couple of adds then pass the link along. Make it into a big thing like the one red paper clip guy etc. Would be easy to do and may just work good luck
  6. Im new here, just starting to learn to program in java (first language) and learning about computers in general.