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  2. Uh, no. There is no lead in pencils. Why should I even bother reading the rest of the article?
  3. Can't there be a wireless function integrated into the motherboard?
  4. I propose that there could never be a functional pulse dialer. Or if there were, it would have to be very different from a DTMF tone dialer. A switch detects a dialed DTMF digit by listening for the tones to be played over the line; the tones can originate from anywhere. But, a switch detects pulse dialing by looking for brief interruptions in the electrical state of phone line. A typical tone dialer, that outputs to a speaker, could generate only tones and could never cause these electrical interruptions. Any sort of dialer that used pulse dialing would either have to physically press the switch-hook, or physically attach to some circuit in the phone or to the phone line. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Before you invest money, test your theory. Get another phone that is pulse dial (many phones have a switch on the side to convert them from DTMF mode) and see if that one exhibits similar behavior. Otherwise, it may be a problem with the Western Electric itself, not your service.
  6. Yeah I thought they had been doing this stuff for a while. Really it's pretty simple; it's a card with a bunch of metal pins that they stick down into this guys brain. So little is known about the human brain that they can't connect a specific circut to a nerve, they just plunge 'em down there and see what they get. It must be really hard to learn to use. The pin to move the mouse up might be controlled by a nerve that used to move your left pinky toe, and the pin to move the mouse down might be the nerve that used to clench your ass muscles.
  7. Unscrew the part of the handset you speak into. Some of microphones you may find in there don't even have soldered connections, just pressure contacts that can be cleaned up to improve the sound quality. And send us some pictures too.
  8. Wow, no ringing, even? I haven't seen that very often. I'm guessing, then, that this phone is more like an intercom, with no connection to the PSTN. Not a lot you can do with it. If you have physical access to the line, you might hook up a butt-set and double-check to make sure you don't have any dial-tone. But before you do, you'll probably want to measure the voltage on the line, as intercoms could be some totally unexpected voltage.
  9. There are various ways you can minipulate these phones. When you pick up the phone, can you hear any dial-tone before it dials a number? Is there any dialing at all, or does it ring right away?
  10. I can sort of understand why they would make it so that entering a program name at the address bar would open it up from the Desktop, buy why does View Source open up a foler named NotePad? That just doesn't make sense.
  11. Let's see if we can figure somthing out. Here's what I've found so far: For a more complex URL like you can simply put a shortcut to a program named faq.html into a directory on the desktop. I'm working on getting to URL's that contain special characters. Edit: Here's another good one. You can hide the file on the desktop. So, for example create a shortcut to the calc program, name it, then open explorer and open the desktop folder. In properties, hide calc, and under Tools, go to folder options and choose "Do not show hidden files and folders." Now the user can't see any obvious reason why typing opens up calc.
  12. It is Northeast Nebraska Telephone.
  13. A while back I said I'd post recordings of the messages associated with the party line service offered by an independent telco in my area, and here they are. Here's how it works: If you have party line service, pick up the phone and dial your own phone number. You'll hear this message: partyline1.mp3 Hang up. Every phone on the line, including the one you just used, will start to ring. When someone on the line picks up (with luck it will be the other person on the party line you're trying to reach) the ringing stops. This recording plays: partyline2.mp3 When the ringing stops the person who placed the call knows to pick up, and they're connected to the other party. If they pick up quickly, they may hear the tail end of that second recording.
  14. I'd like to install a wired connection between two computers in different parts of my home. I heard that Ethernet only uses four of the eight wires that are in a normal Cat-5 cable, so would it be possible to make some special adaptor cables and run the connection through the currently unused phone wires already in the walls of my house? The idea is to avoid buying and dealing with some other cable.
  15. Ask your cousin he/she will probably be able to tell you where payphone TTY's are and how to use them, how to call the special TTY operator, and how to do any cool tricks better than anyone on this board could. That is, if you are able to communicate with your cousin.