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  1. I will be there for sure! Looking forward to meeting up with everyone once again and catching up.
  2. I will be there for sure! Looking forward to meeting up with everyone once again and catching up.
  3. Preperations for the conference are taking place. I hope to get a forums up on the conferences site once that is made so we can all talk about it there. Stay tuned.
  4. Thanks for all the posts. I need to organize somethings and we should probably have an update by the end of the month if we are going to go all out and get this shindig off the ground. This will be a big task and everyones help is appreciated. I will post any new updates in this forum until we get a more permanant place of discussion. :teeth:
  5. Sounds good! Now thats the kind of outlook we need. This really would be a great thing.
  6. So things do not get confusing, Decoder can you start another topic about the Chicago thing?
  7. Lets not get this off track. Of course everyone would want the conference to be right down their street. Put aside the location comments and yes Arizona does have a large crowd of hackers here. We have the fifth largest city in the US and its still growing. As far as money goes to setup a conference, do not let that be an issue of whether you would want to have the conference or not. It can be done.
  8. Its time to take our collective group to the next level We have a lot of people here that are involved in a lot of things. There are people doing text files, starting up and running E-Zines, doing entire shows on subjects that are hacking and phreaking related, sharing information and experience. There are many groups of people doing things and many of us are linked to other groups making things happen and grow. Lets take this community and put together our own conference that has our thoughts and ideas in mind. Some people here may not know me but I do the In The Now show and am apart of the Arizona 2600 meetings. I have also been on the infamous Radio Phreak America as a guest. I have talked to a few people that would help head things up so we could make this happen and I think the support for a core team to put things together is there. The conference would be in 2005 and an exact date is not set. Most likely it would be in the summer time. Other then just having a conference with speakers, I would like to have workshops that go over a certain subject and explain how to-do things. I think it would be good to share the knowledge and experience in a way that others can learn from and pickup on. Also there are many people here that are all about spreading the word and sharing comments and opinions about things that are going on out there. There are many people that we all know that do their own shows, their own E-Zines and I think that we could bring that to the Con as well. We would do live shows of everyone's show. Also get a chance to pickup all the E-Zines that you may have missed out on or even discover some new ones. It's all about spreading the knowledge. Lets take our knowledge and spread it. Also in the meantime meet online friends and generally have a great time. Arizona has great weather and is a modern city with many tech companies and technical savvy people. First we need to get the support of YOU so that we know we could pull this thing off. Use this thread to give feedback. If we have enough support we will then start looking into the details about where the Con will take place and around what date. We will need people to help out in certain areas of course. Setting up a Con is a big task and we sure will need the help. Let us know what you think of this idea!
  9. Thanks Bland. Yes I have a place for each show to have its own comments. Feel free to post at the forums at
  10. I am not sure if this has been listed a lot before since I am not into the phreaking community very much. 1800-555-1140 Very thorough at giving out info other then just your ANI. If you block your number it will still get your ANI and in some cases if you get routed through another number it can still pickup your number. Hope I am not spreading widely known news. Have fun.
  11. If you follow In The Now over at I pretty much spend about 30 mins per show talking about this crap. Tune and feel free to add comments about the shows discussion at the forums on
  12. I think this would be great. I think just a page that has a link to all the other shows. A one stop shop to refer too. Very simple and I am not worried about the RIAA. I don't play any of their music anyways.
  13. Honestly please do not send any worship my way. That really taints what the show is really about and what it is trying to provide. Understanding and participating in what the show really is about is where the real satisfaction comes from. The show is a tool to release information and discuss what our feelings are on those subjects. It is also a tool to spread information that is typically known in small circles to an audience on a wider scale. I want to give thanks to everyone that has ever been on the "In The Now" show. VR, Spike (JP), Pestalence, Dimitry, Meme and BoBB. Don't forget that the other talent on the show is highly educated and has very good opinions that we all could learn something from. Thanks for listening to the show. It is only going to get better over time. The show and everything about it is a tremendous learning experience. It provides the opportunity for growth and wisdom. BTW as a small note you will now be able to download "In The Now" at much faster speeds then before. I have moved the files to a hosted site that has downloads as fast as 400K. Grab the shows in the usual manner by going to They will grab the files from another server with the better speeds. Also don't forget that you can use the forums at to expand on the show as well and discuss the things we talked about on the show. Knowledge can be dangerous. Use it wisely.
  14. Not sure what to say about this one.
  15. The 3rd WorldWide WarDrive (WWWD) will take place from 28 June 2003 - 5 July 2003. Check this site out and get yourself on the list of contributers. I will be rollin on the streets this weekend helping out in the effort in Arizona.