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  1. Hi can you Deform this site

  2. There is nothing script kiddish about the article I posted. It's real hacking. Just copy/paste! where is the Devidot tools Google it. The first link should provide your answer.
  3. There is a guide I found to hacking myspace. It works! I can't remember where I got it originally. (it came from here, a binrev'er made it, so claim it if 'twas you!) easy_hacking.pdf
  4. I think he is talking about windows, but maybe he was just using that as an example.
  5. Stop whining. Matt's post count: +1
  6. Couldn't you just password protect a directory somewhere on your hard drive? That seems a little more secure than the sliding desktop. I don't know how this works, and I am not a programmer, but I have an idea. Make it so that the desktop that is "15 invisible monitors to the right" displays the desktop shortcuts from a different user account on windows. You know how there can be multiple users, and each one has his own shortcuts? Make it so that shortcuts from a different account are displayed in there. I don't know how you would make it look like a desktop, with a background and all that stuff but its worth a try.
  7. Yeah, but once it clicks you can do it. You don't have to study, and invest time with your bike. Or, I didn't have to anyway. I also don't need viagra.
  8. Hey, how's your OS coming along? Made any progress? First Of All, Why Would You Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In Every Sentence? This Is...Retarded. Also, maybe he forgot. I used to be quite skilled at HTML, but now I can hardly remember much of it. I have to think for a second when making images or anchors, to make sure I typed everything correctly. It's not like riding a bike at all. Bike riding isn't all that hard to learn, and the only reason you don't forget is because when you get older you know how to ride a bike because it's common sense. There are some things you don't have to learn when you are past the age of 6. Learning To Not Capitalize Every Word When Ranting At Someone For The Way He Types Must Be One Of Them: Exclusive To You.
  9. Anyone know of anything else other than this and shipit? Something that will ship free stuff? (I mean like Operating Systems specifically, not just any kind of crap)
  10. That movie "Cloverfield" or "1-18-08" looks like it'll be or already is an ARG.
  11. I took part a little bit in one called I Love Bees. It's pretty good. There's one going on now. Its for Halo 3. Im not following this one at all but theres a forum over here:
  12. They already have something like that, it's called FreeNet.
  13. I installed it, how do I use it?
  14. I could see that being useful for installing on a normal PC, but if you want the easy way out for installing it in VMware just use bittorrent to download a pre-created virtual machine. It's all installed and everything, just open the vmx with vmware and it boots right up.
  15. I just booted into Sabayon and I'm very impressed with what comes with it and how beryl works straight out of the box. My video card is an NVidia 8800 and usually it's hard to find anything that has those drivers preinstalled. This distro is amazing. Although I prefer gnome to KDE, this is still pretty crazy awesome. I know you can switch to gnome after install, but I'm just booted live right now. Very satisfied with Sabayon.