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    I have the answer! run a checkdisk, it will remove it. Thats all!
  2. Infonomicon Radio

    Thanks for all the episodes.
  3. Wardriving Software Question

    I am not even going to read this post now. Good Job.
  4. Exploit/vulnerability talk

    This is a good article. Its a low level analysis of the witty worm. The best part is that the exploit is of a software firewall, and exploited a feature that most people didnt need. (complexity is the enemy of security)
  5. Hardware to Stop Hackers

    hehe, Now that is funny riscphree.
  6. RC4 Cryptalalysis

    BTW. check out cain and abel @ It comes with a RDP file decryptor.
  7. RC4 Cryptalalysis

    maybe there shouldnt even be a forum. Just use google and shut down all forums, chatrooms and newsgroups where people have questions.
  8. Is it time for BRR to go?

    To keep it simple. Read Cessnas post again.
  9. Infonomicon

    Thank You for your time Droops, its appreciated. Time is definitely valuable.
  10. Infonomicon is not DEAD

  11. WhiteSword TV Episode 13 Released!

    Thanks WS
  12. infonomicon?

    I dont think Mr Magoo would be too happy with this delay :nono:
  13. Infonomicon site down

    hmm, i guess im not the only one concerned that infonomicon is down.
  14. Which skin do you like best?

    Hey, Just becasue im used to the old one. I do like green and black tho, but im not ready to switch just yet
  15. UnderFire Radio Episode 2

    Wow, that doesnt sound anything like Obfuscated, so weird. Also, Droops has pitcures of his wife on his site. check out his profile for the link.