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  1. I first saw this on piratebay
  2. IronGeek, as Always your work!
  3. THe tool appears to be called Scatterchat Check it out at for more info
  4. I have used a simple USB key to capture packtets onto for later analysis. 1 Gig key is ample for me.
  5. I have been successful in cloning Aussie carrier cards (telstra and Optus) using this great tutorial.
  6. I have had alot of fun with auditor and Whoppix. They have both served my need well............especially in wardriving etc
  7. I have a senao 2511-cd card. It has a prism 2.5 chipset and is perfect for linux
  8. Of course we will all be upset to see Stank unplug, but that is obviously the best thing for him to do right now. YES we should all just stop crying pleading, respect his choice,wish him well and thank him for his hard work and the memories he has brought us all to date!
  9. I am from Sydney Aust.......... still not close to you though
  10. Hi Techburn and welcome to the forums. As you may not be aware, this site is predominately US based. Any questions related to urban exploration in 'Sydney' and 'Parramatta' would be meaningless to most of the members here. Luckily, I am a fellow aussie from Sydney and can help you out with the urban exploration question. Check out It is a group that specialise in urben exploring in Sydney. As for the third question, check out wes components. They are in Ashfield! Cheers Neg
  11. Just curious about rainbow crack. WHile I know there are probably better ways to crack windows passwords (eg john the ripper/lc 4 etc) I am just curious about whether it is quicker to use rainbow crack IF you already have a large set of tables eg 12 character I realise that it would take days to mak such a table, but once it is made/bought on DVD/copied from another source but I can assume that once you are in posession of a table it would be super quick to crack the key???
  12. I am a huge hater of the real player software, but I must admit that since using real alternative over a year ago, I no longer avoid real files. if you drop in the klite codec pack as well, the classic media player can handle just about any format you throw at it
  13. You can always go ghetto style and connect either a digital out from a mp3 player (not sure if ipod is capable) or analogue (headset jack) and feed it onto a soundcard for capture using audacity. It is rough but it works
  14. AAAHHHHHH the 90's. When programs fit on floppy disk and there were 25 disks to install windows 95. Of course usually one disk would be corrupted .............. good times
  15. White Scorpion, as always....... love your work dude. Keep it up