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  1. Has anyone else seen this piece of steaming hot garbage on The Science channel? **edit** It's actually Outlaws and Angels, sorry.
  2. I saw .doc and clicked cancel.
  3. What?
  4. Tight work guys.
  5. It actually looks like a mother carrying her kid or something.
  6. The same could be said for any personal information, yet we still don't toss it up everywhere do we?
  7. whats with the bandana? I'm dangerously paranoid and aside from that I wouldn't want anyone's girlfriend to leave them after seeing me. I've got enough strange banging on the door as it is.
  8. I'll grab it and seed it for a week or so.
  9. If anyone wants to take over the tampa2600 Live Journal account contact me and I'll give you the password and shit.
  10. Nice work guys. A definate step above your first effort as far as production and content goes (aside from the audio problems). I'm looking forward to more in the future.
  11. I guess mindless drivel and pointless group-think are okay as long as it supports your beliefs huh?
  12. Sounds like bullshit posturing. Remember back in school when a new kid would show up trying to be all tough. Maybe he is just mad because he can't sit at the cool table.
  13. Based on what I saw there I would sum them up as a group or person who believes the following: 1. Only poor kids who don't whine and who have worked a day in their lives are allowed to attack McDonalds. 2. Delusional right-wing politics are okay. 3. You have to shovel snow, walk in the woods and touch your toes to be a good editor. 4. Fat people aren't allowed to make fun of the military. So this magazine is apparently for you if you are the following: poor, a delusional right-winger, thin, and the type of person who likes to complain about people complaining all the time. **EDIT** oh and if you want to know tricks of the ninja trade this might be your guy! Talk about 1337! **EDIT**
  14. I was on my way to the Tampa meeting when my girlfriend calls me and tells me she has a flat. I had to turn around and head all the way back to Lakeland before I even made it to the University Mall. How was the turnout?