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  1. Don't know so much html myself, but I'm pretty sure you need to say <p align=center> text</align>. Is that right?
  2. I'm new at this so forgive the possible [likely] noob quality of this post please. I'm wondering if, when observing someone's traffic over a network, wireless or wired, if, when firefox quits as it sometimes does, when they restore session, is all the information encrypted to begin with, or is there a moment, like in old phreaking, when you could pop in just as it is being retransmitted. That is to say, suppose I'm checking my bank info and ff quits, when I reopen and choose to restore session, is it possible for another someone to ride in on my tail, or, for me to do the same to them? No malicious intent here, just wondering.
  3. Those two versions don't come with linux but, instead, with vxworks, and so, are harder to flash, but they already found out how to do it. Just read it on the wiki and follow the instructions. Alright, I'm through. I got it upgraded. FWIW I found http://www.bitsum.com/openwiking/owbase/ow...?WRT54G5_CFE#h5 to be the most helpful, and used Ffox 2.0 for all the interfacing. Thanks all for the help, can't wait till I can do the same for someone else. edit: tokachu, just noticed your reply was your 420th post. heh.
  4. ok. I've reset everything except the processor. I'm beginning to think the mobo is dead. The fan comes on but none of the drives respond. I'm unable to access BIOS, the CMOS pins are set, but I can't check further than that. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2006-12/1232089/IMG_1714.jpg O.o ???
  5. ok. My aunt's computer goes down, she asks me to fix it. Hard drive is broken she says. OK I say. I plug it in, nothing happens, power supply is bad. Alright, I pull one from my old box, put it in hers and bam! power. Problem solved... no. The hard drive won't boot. Alright, I say, knoppix boot disk in hand. Wrong, the cd drive won't open and there's no manual override for it. OK, a little more work, I pull my old cd drive and put attach it to her machine. Nothing. the drive simply isn't getting power, and I've tried all the power cords. The mobo is clearly on, though I don't know if it works, the hard drive might even be ok, it just won't come on. I've rtfm on google for about 20 minutes but can't come up with anything insightful, and so, broken, I turn to you. Any ideas?
  6. aha! That got me in. Unfortunately, when I try to upgrade firmware, using [dd-wrt.v23_mini_wrt54g] or [dd-wrt.v23_mini_generic] I get the message 'upgrade are failed'. Upon further inspection, I find that this particular router, being new, is wrt54G v6, and apparently as such, has a reduced flash mem, and RAM, from previous versions. Thus rendering it incompatible with current versions, at least that I'm able to find, of dd-WRT. I'll keep looking though, and thanks for the help. pk
  7. I work at a school as an on/off sub teacher. The only login I can have is student/student which is available to everyone. Problem is, I can't access the internet this way. I've bruteforced two teacher logins, but, the system is set so that unless your login is matched to the computer name, it won't let you out. I can access other computers on the network, and from the library, access the internet. As time allows, I'm trying to VPN/remote desktop/bypass proxies to get out. I have access to all computer names, IP/subnets/gateways/etc... but still am having little luck. The other day I did manage to tunnel through, but... the tech guy at the school is someone I went to school with and I know he's gonna catch me quick. Any ideas? pk
  8. Same here, I have to wipe history, cookies, etc. My dad would never be convinced.
  9. I'm currently trying to hack my router following this convention http://preview.tinyurl.com/k34md but with little success. Obviously I'm new at this. I've downloaded the mine and standard firmware updates, and extracted the files with rar, but can't get further. The how-to guide they have posted isn't very helpful to me, as it seems to assume some knowledge at the get go that I apparently don't possess, which is to say, that it jumps straight in without any seeming first step. If someone could help, or even just point in the right direction I would really appreciate it. thanks, p edits: fixed spelling errors and link