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  1. Hack in the Box have 2 torrents out of the conference videos from the last security conference in Malaysia. They're about 2GB each and are actually of decent quality. A lot of cool info.
  2. There was some minor mention of the ceiling tile collapse in Boston's Big Dig in the current BRR. I don't think Stank knew completely the story behind that when he suggested it would just take a little spackling to fix. I always argue with my friends that bad engineering and design that kills people should be criminal. I'm not suggesting Hammurabi style retribution, but when piss poor design takes someone's life, some "person" should be held accountable.
  3. They were at HOPE pimpin' the event. Here's the link to the site:
  4. I stuck a gallery up. I included about 5 pics from tonight's recording of RFA# 76. I'll get more uploaded later with some better descriptions. HOPE 5 Pics I just realized that some of these pictures might not make any sense. When the audio for the various panels becomes available, they will make a lot more sense.
  5. Pic from last night's 2 hour OTH show. This is Dual (or more correctly, Dual's back) at the mic.
  6. Well, I've only gone through about 23GBs so far this month (versus 500GBs in less than a week last month), so things must be working pretty good. Although Poland still accounts for about 95% of that. Thanks.
  7. Very slick.
  8. If you had a really hard time learning Windows, then you will have a hard time learning OS X. Otherwise the differences are real minor and easily learned.
  9. Are you serious when you say the iBook's more rugged than the powerbook? I was planning to upgrade to the PB as soon as they figure out how to cram a G5 into one.
  10. 12" iBook. Small. Great battery time. And you can get it with 802.11b/g and bluetooth built in. No messing with USB dongles or pcmcia cards.
  11. Someone's written a how-to specifically for rebuilding kernels.
  12. Put me down for one.
  13. VMS is fun to place with. It has a ton of holes and exploits.
  14. I have a question for you Stank. I've been running a mirror for the hi-res hacktv.avi file. A little over a week and a half and I'm looking at 800Gigs of throughput just for that file. I don't have a problem with the bandwidth. Only that over 500Gigs of it is going to roughly 9 IPs in Poland. I don't know why one person feels the need to download that thing several hundred times. So here's my question. Would it be cool to .htaccess their IPs? Would it be bad etiquette to post their IPs here? Any other ideas? I would like to keep it available, but I sure as hell ain't gonna let people abuse by bandwidth like that. I've shut the link down for now. I'll put it back in a week.
  15. I'm going to agree with Jedibebop on this. Hackers are born, not made. "Hacker Knowledge" comes from research and experimentation. Investigation. And it's all driven by curiosity and the urge to know more. And no one can teach you that. So find something you're curious about, and learn everything there is to know about it. Along the way something else will catch your interest.