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  1. http://hackershomepage.com/section4.htm Seems like a bunch of crap to me. The way they talk about their products is way to advertiseish. Not to mention the site looks like it was made by a 12 year old. The link above if for this "jackpot" product that supposedly will interfere with cash changers, slot machines, etc, making them dump their payload or whater. But seriously, if something like this worked, everybody would be talking about it / doing it allready. edit***** On second thought, after reading more of it, they dont really offer anything extraordinary. The jackpot things seem to work just by electrocuting the fuck out of coin slots, which doesnt really promise any payout. Might be legit, though I bet their products could be found for much cheaper elsewhere.
  2. I drink alot of diet coke. Regular soda's give me headaches after a while, so I try to avoid them. Diet coke doesnt have much (if any?) sugar in it, so I feel alot better after drinking a whole 2 leter at work in a single day.
  3. I dont think people could evolve to be less vulenerable to cancer. Cancer takes a long time to kill, and even longer to contract. By the time anyone dies from cellphone's / laptops, they're allready 50 years old and have 3 children. I had an idea like the first article a while ago. Only using radio waves. I think it's brilliant and could work, though there is no way to deliver enough power to charge a laptop while it's being used. This is only good for slow charging while the cpu is shut down. My computer's max battery life is only about 4 hours, and that's IF the screen is dark, + I'm not playing any video's. The second article was just stupid. From my understanding of it, they want to put metal contacts on the 'base', and contacts on your cellphone or whatever. Basically it's just how things are usually charged anyways. Maybe it's a little bit more convinient not having to bend over to plug something in, but it is by no means wireless power. Hmm I just had an idea to elaborate on article 1. If you were to set up a few hundred reciever's near the roof of your house, and tune them to FM radio frequencies, you might possibly be able to pull alot of power right out of the sky this way. The power could be stored in batteries, and then transfered to your car, your cellphone, or your refridgerator. Combine that with solar panels, windmills, water wheels, etc. and you've got a pretty good system going.