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  1. Orange. But I really have no intention of using their data plans again. They're already shafting me with my Eee PC 901GO. £25pcm for a 3Gb cap! Even though it's HSDPA, the cap is crap. I've asked them if they'd be offering something which competes with 3's 15GB for £15pcm deal. One of their reps told me they have absolutely nothing remotely similar planned (that he could see at his end) for the near future.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, ThoughtPhreaker! I'll look into uLaw, and found this pretty explanatory read about tunneling. I've also downloaded AsteriskNOW for my Eee PC. Should be interesting to see how it compares to Pretty May. I'm still interested in finding a way to establish a data connection from my mobile (HTC Kaiser) to my Skype number so I can use my home connection while away from it. But for now, these will keep me learning some more about related subjects. Cheers
  3. don't have a data plan. the rates are extortionate. and i'm not tethering it. i mean getting online from my phone. so how does it normally work, going online from your phone? i mean, at the receiving end. what takes place? and would there be anything i could run on my computer to do the same job?
  4. To get online from my mobile when I'm away from home.
  5. Hey guys, I have a Skype subscription with a landline number, and Pretty May Call Centre for handling the subscription's inbound calls. I also have free landline calls on my mobile call plan. Is there any way I'd be able to set my Skype number as an internet connection number on my mobile, then have Pretty May handle it in a way which lets me get online? The last part I think might be the trickiest. Just curious though. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know which 3G modem is in the Eee PC 901GO? I bought one the other day through Orange, and get differing query results. When I ask in Hyper Terminal, it tells me it's an EM770. But when I ask in Konsole, it reports back as being the E620 It's not important. The thing still works very well. I connect every time at 7.2Mbps. I'm just curious as to which modem is inside.
  7. Phreaks have supposedly racked up a $120,000 AUD bill by exploiting call forwarding in old PBX's.
  8. According to this article, they were introduced in the Philippines back in the Summer to help cut down on the number of illegal lottery operations. Developed by Verifone and being resold by GHL Systems Berhad (press release), 700 of these GPRS terminals were issued in May as part of a trial run. Over the next few years, GHLSYS hopes to deploy a total of 70,000 terminals. That's what I found about handheld terminals and STL. But the only product from Verifone that comes close is the Vx670, and it has a completely different facia. Either way, here's the specs for the Vx670.
  9. mostly classic rock, rock, hip hop, r&b, blues, and trance during the day time. but for late night coding, it's classical.
  10. Stay paranoid with very good reason. Big Brother looms larger than ever. The UK government plans to spend £12 billion (it has billions to spare at a time like this?) on storing every email, landline and mobile phone call/message, and all your browsing activities in a central database. Place your bets now as to how long it will be before huge chunks of data end up on portable storage devices on eBay, left on public transport, or worse.
  11. Ohm, I've just been reading about the Eee keyboards. Apparently, both the 700 and 900 have poor keyboards. But it's been slightly improved in the 901, and moreso in the 1000 - due later this year. Read here.
  12. The blue Acer looks nice. And only £200 in the UK. I might get one too.
  13. Yeah sorry, it's not really phreaking related. But this was the first place I thought of where people might be able to help me. Thanks for the link
  14. I've just received my upgrade handset, the HTC Kaiser. Been playing with it for a day, and it's pretty easy to get to grips with. I was wondering whether or not the GPS module activates automatically. And if so, does it deactivate when you've stopped using whatever software you have. But ultimately, can it be manually switched on and off?
  15. This is just the sort of wording you'd expect to find on those cheesey posters about Area 51 and the like. I've made several of these sorts of things out of boredom in Flash over the years, to turn heads in the various courses/classes I've taken. And at best, that's all they do. Even someone with basic computer knowledge would be hard pressed to believe this joke. BS.