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  1. found a little on the subject here and they say that NTFS access is still 'experimental' in version 3.1 so I'd recommend getting a USB flashdrive (what I ended up doing) or floppy (yes, people still use them occasionally).
  2. I hust started playing around with linux myself. The tutorial that I have been going through is UNIX Tutorial: Absolute Beginner to Linux "Expert" in 10 Lessons .
  3. the easiest way to do it would be to copy the CAB files over from the CD and run setup from from the HDD.
  4. There is a distribution of Ethereal available for the Windows platform at http://www.ethereal.com/distribution/win32/ that should allow you to decrypt WEP encrypted packets. As it is a wired network traffic manager, you will need to locate a wireless sniffer that saves ethereal compatible logs though (I use kismet, which is linux only at the moment) to get any use out of it though... There is a JAVA WLAN sniffer at http://www.chocobospore.org/projects/mognet/ that could be used in windows... Another option would be to use one of those CD booting versions of linux that are available (http://www.wardriving.com has a distro of demolinux specifically designed to be used for WLAN sniffing). I haven't tried it yet though, so I cant say how useful it would be for you.
  5. do you have both drives on 'Cable Select'? I'd recommend manually jumpering both drives (the one on the end of the cable as 'Master' and the one in the middle as 'Slave') to fix the problem.