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  1. Yeah, kinda. You only read half my post or were trying to make me search for a solution myself, but; after Googling & reading a ton of articles, I came up with a few links of products that cost $99-150 (seems like the free ones only give you anonymity surfing the net). Meh. This current time sucks, seems like everything has changed since even a few years ago -- all so limiting/restricting/basically fuck uppering. Thanks for your help.
  2. First of all - I'm a newb in this area. I've only recently started doing some research on Comcast & P2P, and I've come across some articles referring to ways to get around it. Is there a way around them blocking peer-to-peer? I'm hoping they were not BSing. They were talking about for BitTorrent, you could somehow set it to 'force'? I'm not quite sure, I don't really use BT (or really, anything like it -- I'm just an avid gamer that is trying to get back into the computer-literate world that's favorite game unfortunately uses p2p...). "Can't you just write a iptables rule to drop RST packets destined for your bittorrent port? You could even get clever about it and drop RST packets that come out of the blue, but allow repeated RST packets to pass, so that connections that have really be reset on the far end can be closed." -merreborn, Slashdot (link). Would that possibly work with peer-to-peer gaming? Is it even anything but bullshit? I'll probably edit this tomorrow and be more thorough explaining, with a bit more research done. It's 2:50am right now and I've got a pretty important tournament ($1500 prize, anyway) at 4:00 PM . Thanks in advance, I finally broke down a week or so ago when it was basically unplayable, but you'll probably be seeing me a lot more, I need another hobby when I'm not doing anything w/ friends, so you can expect a flood of newbie programming questions
  3. The trial/evaluation version was enough for me, not exactly what I wanted but it lead to finding the specific packet I was looking for, with hardly any extra work. Thanks
  4. -edit- Reading vector's post -edit again - Looks like it's what I'm looking for, download NetResident now.
  5. How do I understand what a packet says? I couldn't find a "translate" option on my packet sniffer or any guides from Google... Also, I tried entering the data into a hex to ASCII translator, but all of them (found on Google) kept using ?'s, only about 6 out of 54 (random numbers) were letters. I decided to take up a challenge in Perl to re-learn some of it, but I can't remember how I used to edit/read packets...
  6. Lol! 1m g0n 2 pwn u |_4\/\/|_
  7. I'm new to trying different OSes, so far, I've only tried (of course...) Windows, Mac OS 9 & X, and Ubuntu. I know my way around and how to do everything I want in all of them (pretty much). However, I want to explore different operating systems. Preferably a Linux distro. Anyhow, what would you guys suggest? I'm mainly wanting to learn about UNIX/Linux, security (so I want this OS to be secure), programming (C, ASM, some Java and Perl), and I want to run something that has the popular apps too, like music players, IMs, IRC, etc., etc. Thank you.
  8. Seeing jabzor's post, mine now is: PS1="root@* # " and sometimes PS1="*@* $ "
  9. I agree with alienbinary. Although, you never know, they could be fake clients, I wouldn’t put it past a scammer to try and cover all bases to look legit ;s Have you asked around abit? I suggest trying to get some information on them from some trusty source.
  10. Is there anyway to do this without remapping them yourself? I’ve been at it for quite a while (I must have messed up somewhere, and I’m just not finding the mistake, heh), I got to the point where I just tried to completely reinstall it… meh, didn’t work though. I mean, this computer has nothing special on it, it’s not really worth all this -- pretty old, small -- no important files, etc. -- so if there is an easier way, fill me in. (Wow, it feels good to have a mouse that is caring/loving [on my Mac atm])
  11. Nope, it's a PC.
  12. Recently, as in, maybe a few hours ago, I though my computer was freezing up... but, everything works except the right-click on my mouse. Left clicking is still working, but otherwise, I had to tab through links/etc., and hit 'enter' to go there. That's getting real annoying. Anyhow, is it a mouse problem? That would make sense, except... When Ubuntu is starting, it'll show you what's being started, whilst it loads -- it'll say "* Starting (maybe it's 'Loading'?) PCMCIA... * PCMCIA not found (or something similar to this message" Would that make a difference? Anyhow, thanks -- I'm going to try hooking my other mouse up, and if that doesn't work, what do you suggest?
  13. I like the layout, nice work.
  14. I love this... but it gets frustrating. (Atleast, this used to be true:) They gave out certificates proving that you actually beat it... haha, wow -- I wonder how much time was put into creating it!
  15. I believe Cygwin will be the closest you can get in Winderz. An alternative would be to hack something up that'll take a shell command and then execute it using it's Windows' equivalent.. except, Cygwin would probably be much easier/better (this suggestions shouldn't be taking seriously). heh