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  1. Well yeah, I was assuming you had one.
  2. So port 80 is open but any attempt to use it redirects you to a login page? I don't know much about SSH, but you should maybe check it out. p.s- Thank you for being new and not asking how to do something completely skiddyish.
  3. Wont load for me.. Neither will google... Yet this page is fine? I need to check my internetz :\
  4. ? :\ I tried to find it for you anyway, but I couldn't.
  5. I don't really think Mozilla has other browsers... :\ Unless sea monkey is one. But, uh, yeah, make sure to check out the addons page here: They've got some cool stuff. I highly recommend GreaseMonkey and Mcaffe Site Advisor.
  6. haahhaahahahah
  7. 83 files isn't that much at all. Vista is probably the problem.
  8. I have no idea. My guess would be if it was possible, it would have been done by now.
  9. ssh

  10. Why not just call people on your house phone? And you got your phone 'taken away'? Do you know how childish that sounds? And do you know how stupid the whole concept of text messaging is?
  11. Maybe he can actually try to learn something and use "AC Tool" which requires very basic scripting resulting in complete customization.
  12. ssh

    Maybe he means that if he sets up an SSH server, can he block websites for anyone going through that server? I don't really know much about what you guys are talking about.
  13. ssh

    Screw it, ignore this. He edited and tehbizz posted
  14. Oh, I thought he meant he had a 1 gig flashdrive for some reason. Whatever, I still helped him with what he thought was his problem
  15. A 1337 haxor? batch files? Everyone has to start somewhere...
  16. Eve

    It looks kind of pointless. Not something I would pay for, although it would just be for laughs anyway. I'm sure someone with a serious use for it would love it.
  17. Are you on like, a really old computer or something? Also, try the Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup
  18. CF wifi card? Cool, didn't know they had those.
  19. Not for $800
  20. Eve

    Server not found ?
  21. Matter of fact, I checked in Firefox...
  22. Why not just disable cookies and storage? Theres also some options for how much can be stored I think. Just look in 'internet options'
  23. He's been researching auto stuff and so now he has a bunch of stuff ("jam") getting into his temporary internet files and it's slowing him down. To solve your problem the best way I know:
  24. And it will only get worse.
  25. Yeah dude, sorry it was only $20,000 this time. There's these crazy people that keeping listening to radios >:|