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  1. Slackware 10 is soon to come. Anyways, if you are on -current, you might as well say you're using Slackware 10.
  2. You know unlimited bandwidth, basically means, once you go over an 'imaginary' limit, they will probably shut down your account. Seeing as unlimited bandwidth is not possible.
  3. Just knowing all the ins and outs of cisco equipment is a valuable asset. Trust me Learning the Cisco IOS and it's innerworkings isn't really all that hard. Think of it as...a...very slim version of *nix with no X.
  4. OpenBSD firewall
  5. You do have sendmail in /usr/sbin/sendmail right? That's what mail() uses
  6. murd0c....why is the dye all over your head? wipe it off silly
  7. IPv6 is needed. We are quickly running out of IP addresses. IPv6 provides a substantial amount of more IPs than IPv4. I don't know all the numbers off the top of my head, but you can search google It's written in hex blocks like 3ff:0:0:fkjfkdsj etc
  8. search for Bloodshed Dev-C++...best free one out there
  9. I recommend gentoo. I used to be a die-hard slackware fan, but Gentoo's portage looks so appealing...That's what's driving me to install gentoo soon. Sorry Patrick *sigh* "Another user stolen from slackware" EDIT i had to change distro to gentoo sorry
  10. Check these links out: http://www.webservertalk.com/message191712.html http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum10/5157.htm May be someone trying to exploit you? From what I have read, it is an MS IIS hex exploit..
  11. Now, does anyone have one of hte machines used to make credit cards (yes, dumb question) :?
  12. Sorry for the first post :nono: But, gentoo has great system management and updates with emerge..I was talkin to hacnslash and he got me thinking, i should start using gentoo because slackware has no package management </offtopic>
  13. LOL, where have you been? under a rock? Since redhat's move to enterprise, they cut off all support for standard RH...only updates for RHEL....they are M$ Linux...switch to slackware amigo. :cuss:
  14. haha...i saw this before somehwere too
  15. LOL Zapperlink this is off-topic..but i love your OSPF quote lol