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  1. Suppose, hypothetically, that you happened upon a cell phone and you wanted to use it for yourself. First, obviously you wouldn't want somebody to call the number and have it ring for you ... so how would you erase it's data from the previous user so that you could use it for yourself. How would you begin? BTW would taking the little card in the back of most cell phones out do anything.
  2. You do realize that you can't connect without the password? Dictionary attack. If he's not using a common word for a password, then you can't. (you can but it's unfeasible) Maybe he is LETTING ME on. I CAN CONNECT to his network without the password. Yet sometimes I get locked out WHILE I am already in.
  3. Here's a question/scenario I dont quite get. OK I understand about cracking WPA but here's something ... I sometimes connect to my friends wireless connection (which requires a password) and it is pretty good (Approx 24 MBPS) BUT many times I connect, it says I am connected, yet I cant access the line. When I click open my IE it acts like I am not connected AND THE WPA LOCK IS STILL THERE. Would having the password work? Hypothetically how would I crack/find the WPA password. Or is it because when he is online at the same time AND he logged on first that would make me unable to connect?
  4. My friend bet with me that there is no plausible way to "sustain" a wifi network that you have broken into if the rightful owner discovers you and wants to shut you out but agrees that there may be some way to avoid decetion for quite a while ... I say that once your in you can stay for a while until they actively choose to track and shut you down ... Who is right?
  5. Ok my pal made a dollar bet with me if I could find out his IP address by only knowing his email address (i.e. ... is this possible? I have heard of people sending packets or emails to a certain place simply to see how they respond but will that be any help ... even though this would be "a spamed letter" he said that besides knowing his email I could send packets/letters to his box - but that he, personally, would not respond (because then it would be TOO EASY :mumble:) Can it be done?
  6. I dont know if a scanned image of a barcode would work just as well as the original from a plastic card ... I will HAVE to check it out. BTW crackedatom what type/style of barcode is in your signature?
  7. Say I have my building ID card and I want to duplicate the barcode bars using a barcode maker. Can this be accomplished by a site like this ?
  8. Or is this even right and accurate? I have heard on a lot of other forums that when a member does not like another and wants to find out where they have been online (ie track their history) they ACTUALLY if they can simply get the email address of the poster. I have supposedly seen it happened on numerous Zoo Ass and Amazon/Ebay forums. For example on one Ebay Seller forum a newbie-troll-poster (who happens to be somewhat a friend of mine) went their and talked a lot of shit about how Ebay sucks and they ACCURATELY found out which computer he posted from and not only that but ALSO the computer that he was on two weeks earlier – downtown – when, at that time, HE NEVER even went to any online forum but simply browsed the web. So how is this possible to track “past somebody’s internet site-habits” simply by the (assumingly accurate) email they left.
  9. I am sure that somewhere in the past someone has asked this before but just to keep everything pseudo-non-effy-clean I'll use my own former HS (which happens to be Rancho Bernardo High School) as a hypothetical example. Say I want to "crack" remotely to see my grades on the old schools computer in the counselors office say already knowing which computer they are on and that they constantly remain conected to the internet even when the office shuts down (or it used to) at 5:30pm they still leave on all the comps . How would this hypothet been done. Would a trip back to the school be necessary, knowing where they are on the server, etc, etc? Just asking a question.
  10. Say hypothetically that you had a list of 30 (my random number) possible combinations of username/password to log onto a https site that never times you out no matter what you do and you know 100% that for sure one of the ten were certain to work … but when the system admin checked back later that day obviously seeing thirty attempts with one success would be a red flag – how would you go about wiping the logs. I would never even want/feel/be dumb enough to do this and I know that if spotted would make the attack 100x’s more suspect … hypothetically how would you do this for this scenario.
  11. Im sure somebody here has also been keeping up with hacker-related news and well last week in my town of LA it came out that somebody broke into a UCLA database. Dont know about you but thats a big shock to me personally since I live a few blocks away from UCLA where I can see it daily from my high rise apartment. So I was wondering, hyporthetically, how could this have been even been done ... Id always image UCLA or the like would have hardcore system admins that would password changed their information every hour or so, constantly scanning for intruders, log and review packets, put honeypots of fake info with a trojan to track the intruder, "movie stuff" etc ... This is a major uni and I though shit like that was "firewallproof" although I know way better. Article
  12. I want to try this on my computer - has anybody experimented with this before. First go to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc then open the file “hosts” with notepad and make a new line inside the file and add and Now this will redirect google to your own PC so you “cant open” anymore with your current browser (well you can if you reverse what you just did) But how to you get to the drivers in system 32 because whenever I go I just see a bunch of key files.
  13. I found this while googlesearching "If you have access to the computer when it's turned on, you could try one of those programs that remove the password from the BIOS, by invalidating its memory. However, it might happen you don't have one of those programs when you have access to the computer, so you'd better learn how to do manually what they do. You can reset the BIOS to its default values using the MS-DOS tool DEBUG (type DEBUG at the command prompt. You'd better do it in pure MS-DOS mode, not from a MS-DOS shell window in Windows). Once you are in the debug environment enter the following commands:" 1 - What other hypothetical possbilities might work? 2- How do you start in MS-DOS mode in Win2k
  14. My pal gave me a great XVID AVI video on ports but when I try to listen to it there is no sound because "The file contains an unsuported audio format. The needed codec is not installed on your system." I heard its realatively easy to fix this but googling hasnt brought much help.
  15. RTS If its your freind's website that your trying to find IP/Information then just use any WhoIs you want. Keep in mind you wont get that much just from an IP but it can possibly be used as a jumping board.