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  1. If he just wants to go straight into an account without having to see the login screen at all then he will need to go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Make sure the padlock in the lower left hand corner is unlocked and choose Login Options. From there you can check the box to Automatically log in as one of the users in the drop down list.
  2. Evolve: Yes that is what I was talking about. Didn't realize it was at Stanford. Thanks for the correction.
  3. Invest in drug companies using nanotechnology. Some studies show they can elminate certain types of cancer using nanotechnology.
  4. Remember that the ISP he was using was very small? ← I'm going to take the opposite stand here. You are not giving Macromedia nor your ISP enough credit. I work for an ISP and we receive a good number of calls and letters letting us know about particular IP address sharing various things. True it is usually from the MPAA or the RIAA but it most certainly could be from anyone. First hand, if an ISP gets one of these calls or letters they are going to (best case scenario) ask you to stop and remove the file or cut your access if you do not remove it immediately. They may also be actively scanning their network to see if someone is sharing to try and avoid these letters calls, but that usually doesn't happen unless some type of complaint is filed first.
  5. That is what my boss said (regarding the TKIP). This can be closed, I was just contacted and told not to pursue further. Thanks though.
  6. Ok, doing a research project at work and unable to find anything even suggesting the possibility that WPA with AES could be cracked. Everyone is calling it uncrackable. I am curious if anyone has heard of any methods people are testing or know if anyone has succeeded. I know this is not technically hacking, but any help you can give me would make my report look much better lol. Thanks
  7. Droops is right, that is a good way to do that. Alternatively you could ssh (assuming you have shell access) and then rm -rf index or cd into index and rm .ht* and then cd .. and rmdir index. Either of these ways should work without a problem I would think.
  8. Here's a cheap one with a version of linux on it. link is to
  9. I like conversation.
  10. Well story quote two says he didn't download anything and story quote 1 didn't say otherwise. There are other versions of the story reporting saying he deleted a lot of user accounts on one particular system and deleted some other vital files on another so he could have not downloaded anything and still done more than just look around. The damage they are referencing is probably the man hours used to recover those files and accounts. - if i had to guess
  11. Well I am looking forward to the change. Its about the OS for me and if by switching to x86 arch. they can save money and make a possibly cheaper product in the long run (just my wishing there) then I am all for it. I am in the process of removing every windows machine in my house in favor of a mac. I will just wait a bit longer perhaps before I buy my new machine. I may still buy my wife a Mac Mini based on power pc because once its set up it doesn't require any future work lol.
  12. Fod: With Fedora it is really almost impossible to screw up. Just choose server install when you install the OS and it will set a lot of it up for you automatically. The fun part is the securing it and making it do what you want. Best thing to do there is like the above posts suggest and just read the apache documentation.
  13. But that's the perfect litmus test! it tells you either that your monitor's brightness setting is set too high, or that you really should consider at least looking out the window during daylight hours ← You're awake during daylight? hehe
  14. My boss did a regular upgrade and then about two hours later decided he needed to do the fresh install. He said it ran much better after the fresh install.