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  1. Thanks for the laughs.
  2. Stank has a girlfriend?

  3. http://internettrash.com/users/antbobo1@ao.../hackyahoo.html easy method of hacking yahoo email
  4. I'm pretty sure that paypal itself is relatively secure. I think what is not secure is having your yahoo email or something like that linked with it. If someone got your email, through a variety of easy methods, they would have you paypal account. Also they would have your bank account along with any credit or debit cards you have on your paypal account.
  5. http://hostgotbooted.net wow
  6. I actually ended up finding the person that was doing the attacks.(someone I know) The bot most of the kids use on xbox live is very simple and runs as update.exe or something like that. I guess if it happens again I can just contact my ISP and ask for my IP address to be changed.
  7. It was a DDos attack. I took care of it. Thank everyone for the Help.
  8. Are there any good methods to stop a DoS attack? A lot of kids are figuring out how to do this now and I am continually getting flooded. The main things is they are doing it while I am playing xbox live. Any help on stopping it would be appreciated.
  9. You can get a handshake if they are not acually connected to thier wireless...
  10. I think if you want to use Cain and Able to capture the wpa hand shake, you need a AirPcap adapter. That might be your problem.
  11. I somehow have about 32 SIM cards. Is there anything I can do with them?
  12. http://rnyspaces.com/ :help:
  13. I just don't like it because it clogs up the tubes.
  14. torpark? http://www.torrify.com/download.php
  15. Tor