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  1. Yeah, see i did ipt n shit at school, but i found it boring so i quit before we did any sorta java, or web based stuff. Before that i did some 'hacking' as it would be, but hacking into a network or someones personal computer seems A HELL OF ALOT EASIER now. I remember the day when all you had to do was send someone the sub7 server file, n that was the end of them Oh, it may be easier and a cheaters way of doing it, but it was phun
  2. Help, does anyone know the basics behind finding info out all the way up to taking over websites? basic or hard, or even places that has EASY to read info, i cant stress that enough? Cheers... Also, does anyone know about any vunerabilites in Fusetalk 3.0? its used for forums (not this one of course ) -Insu