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  1. ya i installed this extension several weeks back and have been addicted ever since. everytime i need to leave the computer to do something i'm like just one more, ok maybe just one more. its like a frikkin treasure hunt firefox style.
  2. Seal - thanks for the response and link. greatly appreciated.
  3. ya i'm considering dual booting and flipping it to running vmware from within slack for winxp. havent really finalized anything yet still in the thought process.
  4. What's Up, Haven't been around in a while but I've decided it's time to get back into the scene. I've got several books from the library on TCP/IP and such. I've got a Dell XPS running WinXP and am looking into getting a PCMCIA wireless card (Lucent Chipset) to replace the internal Dell 1350. I'm looking on rigging up a toolkit of sorts. I am thinking of running Slackware through vmware as the basis for this toolkit. I am just wondering what tools and utilities ppl have in their own toolkits, i.e. kismit, jack the ripper, nessus, etc. A list of progs and maybe a brief explanation on what you do which makes you choose what you do. Also which network setup would make kismit work best under vmware? Peace, decifer
  5. As suggested above.
  6. wow i'm glad i'm not the only one.... just being back for 2 days already make me want to go back to where i was several years ago.
  7. hahaha ya man my girlfriend yells at me for that all the time. the last time was when i called her materialistic (which she isnt but i knew it would get a rise out of her). and holy shit did she reem on me for analyzing everything.
  8. while i have never really programmed anything or hacked something on my own, hacking still has affected my life alot. most of you probably dont know me and some of you may remember me vaguely. i have always remembered to come back and post here, this is about the 4th time i have gone for months without visiting. and i don't post much when i'm here. my main reason i have never really programmed much outside of comp sci class in high school is mostly because i'm lazy. when i was younger i was so facinated by computers that i wanted to go into computer science, but then i got lazy and just didnt bother. but while i was in that period when i was about 13 and just got the internet i immediately started to learn about hacking and about analyzing how things work. even taught myself the basics of linux after about 6 months of getting my own computer at 14. well for the past 6 years or so i have realized how i analyze absolutely everything in life, almost to a state of paranoia. its weird i love to see how things work and the theories behind it but i was never was one for math i always got confused. which was the reason i never took up computer science. but the amount of times i'll be in a conversation and analyze what i'm saying or the other people are saying, or be in a lecture and start analyzing what the people in the class are doing and what the prof is doing and saying. a lot of the time i analyze how we live our lives. its weird how i analyze pretty much everything without even realizing it. Its really weird, but i like it, gives me a whole different outlook on things than most people. A students mind is the best mind.
  9. my parents dont mind it. my dad is a computer science major so he kinda knows what he has to do but hes lazy as fuck and doesnt feel like doing it. i know i can get my mom to convince him to help. as far as going through the walls is concerned that was what i was thinking findig which wall the actuall cable is strung up through and trying to fish it through there to the basement. my mom mentioned wifi but i dont really feel like making my parents drop all that money plus my dad jsut laughed.
  10. well i'm on summer break and after 2 months of doing nothing my parents have decided to make me clean up the house. i decided to start with the basement so i can turn into into a chillin pad with my computer, stereo, etc. plus the couches, tv, etc that is already down there. its not a finished basement so i dont ahve to worry about goign through drywall or anything. i'm just wondering what the best way to run the cat5 cable down there would be? the cable modem is located in my dads office on the 2nd floor. when networking my room all we had to do was run te cable through the attic. i'm just trying to think of what the best way would be to run the cable to the basement would be. you cant exactly just run it straight down through the wall because of all the cross beams and shit. and also i dont think my parents want a blue cord running through the middle of there house to the basement. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. this is also in the wrong section, check off-topic.
  12. slack10 will be out very soon. check the change logs at slack10-rc2 is what current is at right now, and theres a very good chance that slack10 will be released with kernel 2.6.7 once amsn or some other msn clone gets webcam working i'll probably install slack once again, the girlfriend just doesnt understand why "my webcam doesnt work".
  13. its used to run virtual operating systems within your actual os. when i used it several years ago i was using it to run win2k under slackware and it seemed to be relatively laggy on my system. i imagine they have improved their resource management, thatsn why i'm wondering what its like now. it worked well in the past for running programs like icq, msn and shit if you didnt want to run linux clones. trying to run photoshop and other large programs was a biatch though.
  14. yes it should be this way but its not. the music industry is money hungry and the musicians are under contract. sure the artists could refuse to release any music but it wouldnt do anything cause the next artist hungry for money would just replace them. in a capitalist society theres no stopping it. so as long as your making the money u have to live with it. the beastie boys are already part independant, they produce and make all there won music and everything in one of there basement studios, so there in charge of production and all of the music so no on at the label can exactly tell them what to make. but they are not in charge of cd distribution, so what it comes down to is emi is just feeding off the beastie boy name. its bullshit but i dont see it stopping anytime soon. easy solution, dont buy music. it hurts the artists as well but they're already getting paid bullshit anyways.
  15. the technological inclined lawyers are expensive. one of my parents friends, there daughter went to university and got her computer science degree and is now in california (i forget which university) for computer law. but i do know to hire one of them is expensive because she is currently takign out large loans to pay for school but when she graduates she will be starting with a 6 figure income. so yes there are "computer lawyers" but they're really expensive.