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  1. They recorded one that they aren't going to release for the 22nd and they lost the one from the 15th. So I heard. Well it looks like geek love radio already has a lost episode. How do you loose an episode anyway, everyone seems to loose one.
  2. You never did put the show up for the 15th. Did you make a show that week? Also there isn't one for the 22nd, but that was thanksgiving week and I don't think you did one that week.
  3. The link to download episode 72 of binrev gives you episode 71! EDIT: Oh yeah, and for anyone that is having problems getting around this, here is the proper link:
  4. As discussed in the good ways to keep safe thread a while ago. Magnetism will not work for erasing data if the feds get involved, in order to completely erase it beyond recovery the magnetic field would need to be strong enough to actually bend the plates in the disk.
  5. Just use a key logger and then let your boss sift through all the keystrokes himself. Damn you businesses that insist on invading peoples privacy. Unless of course you tell all the employees before you actually put any of this stuff in, then it's ok I guess you need to make sure they aren't having cyber-sex on company time. But unless you let everyone know before this is actually installed then may you be mauled and raped by a thousand rabid bears. Sorry, I just get pissed off when I hear of people getting in all kinds of trouble because of this shit and didn't even know the boss was looking in.
  6. You got something against us tech savy teens? You agest! Mobile tech is pretty cool. Personally I used to hate cell phones because they were a status symbol, everyone had to have one because it was "cool" at least in middle/highschools, but I have realized they can be quite usefull sometimes. Now I just hate the middleschool kids that have no use for one because they need their parents or older brother/sister to drive them around anyway but feel they need one because their friend/friends have them, my sister is one of these kids because her friend has one she wants one.
  7. Yeah good point. Our jails are full enough as it is, state make the criminals give the state money instead of take money from the state. Stupid criminal's living in the state hotel called minium security prison for free. Hell even the Max security guys don't have it all that bad from what I hear as long as they can fight off bubba. Take those damn TVs and such away! And stop putting away people for weed and shit and go after real criminals like rapists and murderers.
  8. I would support some jail time for it, not to any extreme though.
  9. Yeah, from the looks of it a legit server was rooted. Then they set up an illegit ebay-scam using that machiene. DOSing this server will not only hurt the scammers, it will hurt a legit business as well probably.
  10. Yes, but it asks you log in with your ebay user name/password, then asks you for the credit card number, SS number, mother's maiden name, everything. After you give it to them, I just went through it leaving all the fields black the whole time, it forwards you to the actual ebay website. It seems to be, and I would be willing to put money one it, that it is a scam to collect peoples info for indentity theft, credit fraud, etc. They are in Korea, at least the hosted on that ip has all Korean contacts. I doubt they would have an easy time prosecuting over international boundaries. Also, if it's just one server that is DOSed I doubt they would even bother trying to prosecute over international boundaries. But this is a wise piece of advice, let the authorities deal with them, then you aren't risking your own neck.
  11. Yeah it is pretty sweet. They used to use it but then stoped using it.
  12. I have gotten emails like that, I never fell for them though as I don't use ebay. I just told my mail client to filter them out as junk/spam.
  13. At the local community college here that I am going to atm they have these computers in the library among other places that are in-active just running a screen saver 75% of the time, all that unused processor power! But those computers on SETI@home or running after being inactive for 5 mins instead of a screen saver! Also at the high-school I went to they had 3 or 4 relatively new computers in every room in this new building, I saw them used it one class and it was only for games when people had finished the work, meanwhile the computer programing lab had 8 year old computers!
  14. sp00f, you are so sexy in that tin foil hat!
  15. Wow, you are 18 and you still get in trouble for shit. My parents are pretty cool but I am still moving out as soon as I can afford to. Basically as long as I don't kill anyone or get arrested or in some other serious trouble they don't seem to care much, they worry if they don't know I'm alright though. I think they realize I am old enough to make my own decisions, the gov seems to think I'm old enough to be forced into the military and fight and kill/die in a war and elect the president, and yet I am somehow unfit to drink or get a concealed weapon permit or various other things for another 3 years.