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  1. I stole mine from an image search on Gewgel (not sure what the search query was). I need a uniquer, and more original name though.
  2. Heard of it, learned how to do it, never utilized it, though. Guess where I learned it... on the local news channel, those numbnuts showed how to do it -- to the entire public watching them (no wonder I'm in an area where crime is high!).
  3. Hmm, nestat -anp doesn't display anything for it O_o xD, when I was typing a post to this topic a minute ago, the computer abruptly turnt off, no warning. Scared the shit out of me. But, the cat just wiggled a chord loose. Phew. Hrm. The services aren't running anymore, because of the shutdown (hopefully).. but, shouldn't they start on start-up, considering I did nothing before to make them start? The only way I can think of was they started on start up before.
  4. I just realised a minute ago, that I should turn off Apache when it's being sued for testing (I did, but I restarted, and it didn't occur to me that it starts on start-up) -- so, to make sure it was off, and just as a check -- I 'nmap -sV' and the usual ports pop-up as open, with Apache and MySQLd being in them -- but I noticed 2 ports open, for 2 apps I had no idea were running and had never seen running. Oh, I also just checked the logs, and nothing appears to be to be anomalous (doesn't really matter, as the logs can be edited). I seriously doubt it's nothing, but, better safe than sorry. *drum roll* *flute thingy when king enters* Here they are. 1551/tcp open hpssd HP Services and Status Daemon 1665/tcp open hpiod HP Linux Imaging and Printing System
  5. Hehe. You (being a male) to your friend (that's a male): "Wanna' go play on my Wii?"
  6. Ubuntu, although I tried FreeBSD first -- except, the CD was defective/dudd/something-basically-just-scratched, so instead of downloading it down myself, I used an Ubuntu CD I already head. So my first working distro was Ubuntu.
  7. The US has all types of cars. A lot of people here are big with muscle/sport cars, which usually require shifting. Anyhow, I started with C. I'm a better man for it to. I take that back, I didn't start with C, I started with C++ but quit that in a week or so ("OOP ain't fo' me"), and learnt C. (I'm not counting X/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, etc.) Edit, I forgot 51% of the point C is a good starter language, as it teaches you real programming (unlike python, don't get me wrong Python's good, but not many languages require spacing (which, spacing is good) and don't use {, ), ;, etc.). It also gives you enough control to pretty much do anything (notice the 'pretty much'); making it very useful.
  8. Google I think.
  9. Pheel me. I mean, pheer me.