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  1. I deff like the idea of an open cisco router I had just gotten into the 3rd semester at a tech school for CCNA and thats the beginning of teaching you how to setup and configure cisco 2600 series routers. If you want to learn I would recommend trying to find a CCNA book the might have some basic syntax for you to learn or just go and get the CCNA cert wouldnt hurt and even though its a proprietary class it still teaches you the fundamentals of networking OSI model and such.
  2. Alrighty im having trouble configuring using ifconfig ive done ifconfig eth0 address to assign it an internal ip address and can ping to my router and all the machines on my lan trouble is ive got a win2k3 server setup as a DHCP/DNS/Fileserver how would I configure this interface to pull an ip from my DHCP and use it for DNS lookup? Trying to learn how to setup and use the CLI. *edit* And also why when I reboot does it not save the settings ive assigned for the eth0 interface?
  3. Fuck this shit my brother is with the 82nd airborne and I just got word that they are getting shiped out there for riot control... Im about fed up with this bullshit if someone pulls a gun on my brother while hes attempting to save their ass I hope that person gets shot in the fucking face. As you can see im a bit on the angry side today..
  4. Well I took a look at the Manuel and came across this. "SonicWALL IPS cannot perform inspection on any encryped traffic that is in transit through the SonicWALL security appliance. However, the SonicWALL security appliance can perform SonicWall IPS inspection on any VPN tunnel that terminates directly on the SonicWALL security appliance. SonicWALL IPS can inspect traffic as it goes into the tunnel and/or when the traffic comes out of the tunnel. For example, if the VPN tunnel terminates and begins on the LAN, SonicWALL IPS can inspect the traffic before and/or after it enters the VPN tunnel. For SonicOS Standard, you must enable ApplyNAT and Firewall Rules in the VPN Policy window's Advanced tab for each VPN policy in order for IPS inspection to happen on a VPN tunnel that terminates directly on the SonicWALL security appliance." If im getting this correct you can tunnel encryped traffic through SonicWALL because any SonicWALL appliance will not be installed on the device where the VPN tunnel originates or terminates. If im not understanding this correctly or have a misunderstanding of exactly how a VPN tunnel works please correct me. Even if I am, the admin or whoever sets up SonicWALL could possibly overlook the fact that they need to enable ApplyNAT and Firewall Rules in the VPN Policy settings makeing any VPN tunneling wide open (unless its default). Just trying to make sure im deciphering the information correctly thanks for any input.
  5. Im putting a ram upgrade in my moms Compaq Presario it started with 128mb ram i bought a 256mb chip Ive tried to get it to boot up at all with just the 256 in there in both Dimm1 and 2 and wont boot can I only upgrade it with another 128mb chip?
  6. I havnt found any information saying that the Orinoco Classic Gold cards dont come in 802.11g but I havnt found any so ill assume they dont unless otherwise stated.
  7. Whada think about this Think it will boot from cd w/o any problems? And are orinoco gold 802.11G wireless cards pcmcia type 2 or 3? Its $500 with a 6 month Warranty CPU Intel Pentium-3 700 MHz HARD DRIVE 20 GB MEMORY 256 MB CD-ROM CD DISPLAY 13.3" XGA TFT Active Matrix DISPLAY ADAPTER 1024 x 768 resolution BATTERY Li-Ion ADAPTER Dual Voltage (110 / 220 Volts) KEYBOARD Full size 85 keys POINTING DEVICE TrackPoint SOUND Sound blaster Pro compatible, 2 built in speakers SOFTWARE Preinstalled Win98 Se EXPANSION SLOTS 2 type II or 1 type III PCMCIA cards INTERFACES 1 Parallel, 1 PS2 mouse, 1 RJ11, 1 RJ45, 1 Ext display, 1 Speaker out, 1 Mix, 2 USB MODEM 56K NETWORK 10/100 WEIGHT 6 lbs DIMENSIONS 12.3" x 9.9" x 1.4" Edit: its a IBM ThinkPad I1300
  8. Both of those are linux compatible?
  9. na only 1 I quit listening
  10. WTF?? dude im on a fucking xp box at school I wanted install java so I could run this java applet irc client
  11. no im saying it let me install python w/o privileges but it wont let me install anything else. So im wondering why it let me install it so I can possibly use that to install other programs.
  12. Ok on the terminal im on I dont have admin privileges and it requires you to have admin privileges to install but for some reason it will let me install and run python. Is there a reason for this or can I ues this as an exploit to install other things? If so how would I go about determining the reason for this.
  13. LOL literal translations are funny
  14. I just got a keylogger called Elite Keylogger V1.0 its description Recomendations?...becides dont get code from a place called elitec0ders
  15. Ok ive been messing with knoppix for a while and been googleing alot trying to find information on how to use the tools with little results. Anyone have any links that I could start from?